Even if the World’s Coming to an End, There’s This

The symbol, I suppose, of the new America. Thank you, GOP and their Democrat bitches.

Asshole: Andrew Stein, a fabulous example of a meme can live forever. Does a soupcon of reforming of nursing homes — which to say, little long-term reform accomplished but much self-promotion achieved — and everyone is happy to be in denial forever that he’s such a complete creep and scumbag — and he dated Ann Coulter. To me that (and changing his last name for electoral reasons) is enough to certify that he’s a scumbag.

The Christofascist Koran burning festival: Not freedom of religion but hate-speech.

Big Media Echo Chamber Fail.

Big Media suicide: Non-profit sued for posting articles about how they help victims of trauma. The subjects of news stories get sued for posting news stories about themselves. This, not competent, socially worthy journalism, is how they’ll survive?

Big business is pro-crime.

The TSA wants to harm fetuses.

Is “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” finally dead?

Doomed! Our future: Worse than Japan or, if the Republicans win unfettered control in November, even worse than that. Here’s the story. Without going into detail, my feeling for decades — since the Raygun years — is that the true Republican leadership, the true controllers of the party, not the clownish, deranged pols, actually hate American democracy. What they love is an oppressive banana republic, an oligarchy, the Singapore — all capitalist states where the wealthy elite run free to do what they want the rest of society serves the elite. And clearly, this is fine with many Americans, if not a majority. That’s why your “revolutionaries” are the Teabaggers, happy to ignorantly work on behalf of their oppressors.

I refer you to the number of deaths resulting from the pointless invasion of Iraq -- a nation with no involvement with 9/11 but the invasion of which was a necessary response according to Our Leaders. Let's now put the Republicans back in power so they can start a third pointless war.

What does burning copies of the Koran have to do with Christianity or freedom of religion? (Link, link.)

Apparently the law of the land now is if I buy software or games or whatever governed by a nasty EULA, I do not own it and can only do with my “purchase” what the EULA allows. (Link. All them sellers of used software, music, etc., are now lawbreakers.) That in turn would mean the only way to own it would be to steal it? So doing what you want makes you a lawbreakers. So, as Dylan said, to live outside the law, you have to be honest, the converse being, I guess, living within the law makes you an outlaw?

Qtd; how the world works, and the secret of Micro$oft’s (and Google’s, amongst many others) success:

“I don’t fucking want innovation. You’re not smarter than your competitor. Just copy what they do and do it until you get their numbers.” — Zynga CEO Mark Pincus

FYI: America pretty much is a police state. Really. Truly.

Doomed! Doomed!

Michael Franti: Talented, a comrade and has an ASL translator at all his shows and that’s what makes him cooler than shit:


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