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There they go again: The Republicans' latest, most shameless lie. (Funny, I missed this story on the evening TV news....)

Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great. — Mark Twain

By trying we can easily learn to endure adversity. Another man’s, I mean. — Mark Twain

Sadly, nothing like this can ever happen again in modern America.

You know the old joke: How can you tell they’re lying? Their mouth’s open. The Republicans have no alternative but to lie. Two pointless, resource-sapping wars, fiscal irresponsibility in the broadest sense, the promotion of a society of fear, hate and ignorance. There is nothing positive they’ve to offer. But once you’re on on the slippery slope, you just get worse and worse.

Know your enemy: More scummy Republican tactics here.

Doomed! A short version. And another short version. It’s 1937 and such recovery as there is is getting choked to death.


The big problem, as she sees it, is that job growth is dependent on consumption growth and housing growth. But housing is in a depression and consumption is weak. (Link.)

Doomed! It’s a Depression. (Well, if not, soon.)

Retard: President Palin. Building a mosque that’s not quite a mosque at Ground Zero but really quite at Ground Zero is an exercise of religion guaranteed by the first amendment to the Constitution. A Koran burning is in no way an exercise in any religion except simple hate. So there is no equivalency. That said, what can you expect from someone who doesn’t believe in facts and who believes talking about going to church is the same as going to church?

The American South is a shithole dragging us all down the crapper… here’s how and why.

The retards who think they can save America. Right.

Just in case you doubt the need for real healthcare reform, here’s the latest reason it’s needed.

Wait, there’s any good reason not to let the fiscally irresponsible Bush tax cuts not to expire? (Link.)

Is major league baseball socialized? Or just the recipient of gratuitous corporate welfare? (Link.)



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