Leadership: Hitting a New Low; But What Better Can a Corrupted Society Offer?

Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few. — George Bernard Shaw, clearly anticipating Election 2012

No friendship is so cordial or so delicious as that of girl for girl; no hatred so intense or immovable as that of woman for woman. — Landor

The only good husbands stay bachelors: They’re too considerate to get married. — Finley Peter Dunne

Blimey, I’m having an Alex Cockburn moment. Was going to say that with the election of Palin-Beck in 2012, we can kiss away any pretext to being a true, healthy democracy. Now my inner Cockburn says our masters will get over-confident, sloppy, opening themselves up to a successful revolution….

Blimey! Someone else doesn’t think too highly of the Raygun counter-revolution. It actually was not a good thing. I mean, if starting a decades-long war against the middle class isn’t a good thing….

Dr. Doom seconds me: This is no V-shaped recession — this is the indefinite future.

Whether or not she gets elected president, she’s a uniquely vile wretch of a person. Utter scum (even for a pol — okay, maybe not so much for a Republican pol).

This is nice: Christopher Hitchens is regaining his mojo and apparently has stopped enabling monsters wrapping awful policies in dishonest claims of morality. I guess he realized what a wonderful thing we did ridding Iraq and the world of Saddam….

Doomed! Our Leaders want to make us the new Japan economically — not a good thing.

If the rightist economists are correct — they’re not — and the problem is insufficient supply of, let’s call it wealth, I think the simplest way to pump up the supply is to give all homeowners rebates of, oh, the amounts initially borrowed to purchase their homes.

Asshole: Barney Frank. When the GOP was in charge, he always had a cute quip. Now that he’s in charge, he’s happy to gut the financial reform bill.

Buried deep in the Times: Three congressmen face ethics probes (but in a sense, shouldn’t they all?) and two are Republicans?! Incredible!

The elite media: Audience dying but before they die, the media will alienate them away first. What a business model brainless pandering and financial incompetence has wrought. A more lucid obit is here.

Dan Rather, for the first time in decades (and no longer whoring for his elite media overlords) gets it right.

Elite media suicide: Give up on your specialty to be second rate at something others do better. And Rupert: You never created a true quality paper in your life and you’re not starting now. What a plan, Murdoch: Pay too much for the Journal then crapify it out of business… of course, you’re not the only fool….

Asshole: John Bolton. Someone please put him and that animal on his head down?

Retard journo who will not be missed come the Big Media Collapse: Rick Sanchez.

Message to Team Obomba: Republicans in fact support socialism. Now so can you!

WikiLeaks is not journalism, does not need protection like real reporters: Big Journalism shoots themselves in the foot again, making themselves a little bit less relevant…. (Actually, I’m against shield laws but if anyone deserves the protection of one, it’s Team WikiLeaks as much as anyone….)

Rightwing line of shit: What kind of retarded idiot believes given a choice work and real earnings, anyone reasonable would choose welfare or unemplyment instead?

Piece of crap: Chris Christie. If crap like him gets elected, nothing can stop the President Palin juggernaut of bull.

Liar, liar: Haley Barbour’s perverted distortion of history. Fact: The GOP runs on racism.

This is wrong in so many ways, but most excellently shows how screwed up the Cheney/Rove/Bush perversion of America is.

Even Micro$oft thinks their stuff is crap.

Something to think about (about the viddie here):


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