Special E-Z Reading Edition!

The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true. — James Branch Cabell

What he said. It's directed to the wingnuts but they're, sadly, too stupid to get it.
The critics miss the point...

It’s old news that there is in fact very little intelligence in what the CIA does. This is just the latest version of an old story. (Read about the leak here.)

Have mercy! Someone just realized that our political system is really corrupt! Look! (This, I must add, is not an anomaly.)

Doomed! The Republicans are gung-ho for “fiscal austerity” (excluding, of course, gratuitous tax breaks for the wealthy) — which is proven not to work. An excellent reason to put them back in power.

Get rid of the asshole Alan Simpson now!

Farewell, First Amendment. No more freedom of religion, not very much press left worth keeping free….

Someone is very close to getting it: Our society is breath-takingly corrupt.


Doomed! For the last couple of decades, America’s prosperity rested on a house of cards and the house is still falling (pun intended).

Asshole: Anti-Gay self-hating Gay Ken Mehlman outs self, sort of. Old newsreally old — (for those with working gaydar):

Answer: No. Question: here.

Retard: Marc Ambinder. Every gay-hating closet case should be outed.

Asshole: Michael “Brownie” Brown. I just how how devoid of morality these scumbags are.

The truth about Katrina?

Nettleton [Miss.] Middle School teaches students to be racists. Then again, there is this.

(More about it here.)

Click on the image for different denominations.

In honor of two Summer bombs:


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