Can You See the Proof or Simply Refuse to?

It is not bigotry to be certain we are right; but it is bigotry to be unable to imagine how we might possibly have gone wrong. — G. K. Chesterton

Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable. — /.

Youth is such a wonderful thing. What a crime to waste it on children. — George Bernard Shaw

Doomed  (redux)! Because instead of rationale planning we get policy from partisan shitheads to whom party orders are all that matters. (Link.)


Doomed! The lie that is austerity.

Doomed! It maybe will be getting a lot worse. Here’s why.

Doomed! A primer on Republican fiscal irresponsibility. Clearly needed more than ever. (Or never if you’re not a retard.)


[W]hile the value of assets can plummet posthaste, it takes forever to shrink the debt that was used to buy them. (Link.)

If you can see inflation coming in this graphic, you're a fact and reality-denying partisan rightist.

The case for making the fiscally irresponsible Cheney/Rove/Bush tax cuts permanent. Hint: There is absolutely no benefit to the nation.

The Great Fail that is Social Security privatization and the insane lies of the wingnuts: It failed in Chile, the rightists’ poster child for its success (which never happened), and then the private investment area has had its now longterm meltdown (i.e. essentially dead in the water). Nothing corrupt leadership in a crisis….

HAMP fails and fails again. But it’s maybe a bigger failure than just failing homeowners. (The very short version how HAMP was designed to fail is here. Actually, it’s just confirmation of what I say all the time: at “best” it helps willing underwater homeowners to give the predatory lenders more money than they would have otherwise gotten instead of, oh, maybe reducing the loan to at least what should have been lent, if not current value, instead of the grossly inflated amount lent.) Bonus Fail: Banks allowed to pull crap in processing applications — as if getting a windfall wasn’t enough….

But MERS can save millions of homeowners by breaking the chain of title and making it impossible to tell who actually has a right to foreclose. (Link.)

What other churches might be objectionable because of the horrific acts of some of its members? Maybe we shouldn’t have Christian churches in the South wherever the Ku Klux Klan operated because years ago proclaimed white Christians lynched blacks. — Dick Cavett

Asshole: Christofascist America-hater Rick Lazio.

Assholes: These corrupt doctors who violate the Hippocratic Oath regularly.

Anti-Semitic Asshole: Carl Paladino — what New York needs in our modern era.

Today’s Army: We’ll make a Christian out of you — no non-believers welcome. (Link.)

Lying whore: Pat Michaels:

Being a Faux News journalist means caring so little for facts that you neither know nor care to whom you give an interview nor why you’re being interviewed. Asshole: Bill O’Reilly, star of the news channel for retards.

Asshole: Jonah Goldberg.

Pathetic: Big Media journalism…. They’re right; if they disappear, who will do the heavy-lifting reporting they’re pretty much already not doing? Of course, copious crap like this doesn’t help….

This article about the asshole, President John Sidney McCain III has it completely wrong by starting from the position that MCain is anything but a little shit. Whatever he is, statesman he isn’t, never was, and never will be.

Asshole: Mitch McConnell. Nothing but….

I guess the tracker, it is fair to say, feels like he’s being lynched.

Assholes: African dictators.

I find this completely believable. You?

Rolling Stone Fail: Hagiography for EPA’s Lisa Jackson here, then her great failure here. You’d think a good reporter wouldn’t fall for hubris (or a “line of shit”)….

(More about the video here.)

(More like and more about the video here.)


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