The Canary in the Coal Mine: Dead Yet?

The trouble with being poor is that it takes up all of your time. — Willem de Kooning

Doomed! Again, I wonder if stuff like this is wrong. Maybe all the solution to the Great Recession the nation’s leadership wants is help for Big Finance and crap that can be lied about that makes it look like people are being helped but aren’t actually — cheap non-solutions like HAMP and the flacid nubbin of a stimulus? Or are Our Leaders really so completely wrong like Professor K. thinks? In other words, do Our Leaders know exactly what they’re doing or are they really that inept and/or uncaring and/or clueless?

Doomed! Because Our Leaders are leading us to disaster.

Who’s guilty for the housing bubble:

The mortgages sold to Fannie and Freddie were supposed to conform to specified requirements. Those requirements did get weaker as the credit bubble intensified — a fact some bankers privately mutter the government now wants to forget — but they were still of higher quality than many mortgages sold into private securitizations. (Link.)

Assholes: The RIAA. To them, the evil Verizon-Google deal isn’t bad enough.

American Justice: Busted for traveling with money.


Retards: Rightist racists can’t be racists if they’re right that racism is dead. Of course they’re wrong as usual but the Elite Media gives them credibility.

Again, it’s legal to steal if you’re a Republican polright, Rudy?

If this was funny, it'd be lower down in the post. But instead it's sad but true....

Damn, I had one of these and it was awesome:

Sure I’ve posted this before buy…:


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