The End Might As Well Be Here; the Crap We Put Up with….

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None are so busy as the fool and knave. — John Dryden

Twilight in America: It’s here. (More here.)

Teabaggers fight against freedom, just like their corporate masters want. With freedom-fighters like these….

Warning labels needed for Elite Media journalism.

Well look at this: Obomba does the right thing. And then the Wuss-in-Chief changes his mind the next day — maybe because he got President Palin mad! Nothing like a leader who lets the retards tell him what to do…. Or did he actually flip-flop…? Maybe just another Elite Journo Fail….

The economy is still in the toilet and HAMP is a failure and joke. So anyone surprised that the housing crisis hasn’t hit its worst yet?

Doomed! because the financial reform bill was free of meaningful reform.

Can it be that since most voters aren’t in the 1% (probably far less than that)  for whom this country is run that they don’t agree with policies that hurt them for the benefit of the 1% (probably far less than that)? (Link.)

Doomed! by these assholes calling the shots. Very simple: There are speculators, who do nothing good except create the Global Economic Meltdown, and investors. The latter include responsible lenders, small businesses, etc. Our Leaders only care to help the former. Can it be that simple? Yes it is. The facts show it. HAMP, for example, is a microcosm. It’s goal isn’t to help someone who lost significant wealth but to get more money from the homeowner to the lender. Not just a failure but an inexcusable one.

Doomed! by Republican bullshit like this.

Revealed: The Fed plan to enable the Speculators instead of doing anything for the economy.

Retarded asshole: Marc Thiessen, former Beloved Leader puppeteer speechwriter. How one can keep spewing this shit (gotta be retarded and/or a whore), and how the WaPo can keep publishing shit like this….

Retard — that is to say, the nasty fascist dictator-loving bitch is unsurprisingly dead wrong in her praise for the mass murder’s non-accompliahment. As Al Goldstein would say: “Sharron Angle — Learn how to spell your name and fuck you”:

Fox News’ success: attracting the senile. I kid you not.

Me and McCartney, still working at 64… probably 74 and til death…. Let’s put the Republicans back in power so we can be assured we’ll never be able to be retired unless we’re fired first. (Link.) Is this related news story reality-based or a fantasy completely ignoring reality?

Is this corrupt enough for you? Do you not have a problem with crap like this?


One world my ass. One crazy world:

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