With Corrupted Leadership Like Ours, Surely the Worst is Yet to Come….

One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity, there ain’t nothin’ can beat teamwork. — Edward Abbey

Ask your child what he wants for dinner only if he’s buying. — Fran Lebowitz

Maybe the time is come....
Freedmen no longer. See who owns us! (Click on the image for legible size.)

The Elite Press may have stopped paying much attention, but…. The Gulf Spill: In fact, the worst is yet to come.

Republicans to those of us on COBRA: Drop dead! Literally.

Doomed! We are, case closed. But if you need it, one reason is here. And here’s another.

Doomed! Because there are fewer consumers with money to consume and they’re consuming less and we live in a consumer, not greedy speculator, driven economy.

Doomed by retards — like the Forbes editors who think Obama’s bipartisan failures are making the job situation worse — to that extent they are of course correct, but their idea of the superiority of the freedom of speculation in crap created the problem and would only make things worse.

Doomed! Because the modern Republicans always wanted America to be a Third World Banana Republic and the mostly got it.

Doomed! Because we’ve reached a state where stuff like this is happening and Our Leaders clearly don’t care.

Doomed! By the Fed’s continuing Fail (or emulation of Japan).

Not calling this a Depression doesn’t mean it isn’t one. (How can significantly increased unemployment for years to come and huge destruction of wealth only be a recession?). Here’s why maybe it is a Depression.

Hey, losing “Elite Journalism” may mean losing corrupt journalism as well!

I disagree with this completely. WikiLeaks is not a journalist enterprise but a source. If they release records naming names, putting innocents in danger (or more danger than just living in the wrong parts of the wrong country), it’s the reporters who flag this, they’re the ones with responsibility to exercise a little discretion. Also, assuming the worst, did WikiLeaks actually put these guys in danger? How many of the named maybe were known to the bad guys without this? But why research when you can ignorantly dump on Wiki…? That might take reporting instead of whining.

WaPo: Relevant or not? Even the WaPo owners don’t think as highly of it as they do their college prep company. Why else do you think they appointed a retard publisher?

Media whore, lierally: Time’s Aryn Baker.

Personally, I have no love for hybrids. At the end of the day, I think they’re worse ecologically than the right conventional vehicles, so I agree pretty much by this brilliant column by the brilliant Boston snot, Ezra Dyer. (However, I give Cote de Pablo a pass for buying a Prius.)

Leadership we need (if by “need” we mean a Glock to the head):

Second generation retard:

FBI prioritizes copyrights over finding missing people. Glad they have their priorities right….

This is, maybe regretably, amazing…:

A half crumb of hope.

Genuine good news for autistic kids.

Incredibly, there are worse places…. In England, being quiet and using cash in lieu of plastic is a sign you’re a terrorist.

I’d post this brilliance from my fellow attorney, “Ruben Bolling”, but I don’t have the energy….

A fool’s errand…. Ditto, being patriotic when the nation’s leaders really hate America (and by “leaders”, I mean every Republican and every Dem scared of the Republicans).

Sign of the Apocalypse.

This wouldn’t be bull if we really had significant choices in ISPs. So government policing to some degree is in fact necessary.

And I drove through a tornado (in a manner of speaking):

“I better get home, or the ducks will have something to eat.” (There is a story behind this and it’s here.)

A funny joke.

Mystery solved.
Sign of our times; we can do anything except if and when we can't.

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