Damn Right I’ve Got the Blues. Everyone Should

Doomed! Because Our Leaders had no interest in actually fixing anything: “The memo argued that the stimulus should not be used to fill the entire output gap; rather, it was ‘an insurance package against catastrophic failure.’ At the meeting, according to one participant, ‘there was no serious discussion to going above a trillion dollars.'” (Link.) And what was catastrophic failure? Big Finance paying for their greed-maddened insensible speculation. What isn’t catastrophic to Our Leaders: Broad, deep loss of wealth — home values and pensions — and institutional unemployment cranked up towards 10% for years, or longer, to come. And remember Kids; Our Leaders didn’t consider this catastrophic because all they cared about was what will they could get the Republicans to agree to. There were no balls to fight for what was right — and We, the People, wanted and needed. So obviously the Republicans (*snort*) offer no viable alternative.

Doomed! A solution ignored because, I guess, it hurts the lenders short term in order to benefit them and the borrowers long term.

Doomed! The Greatest Generation’s scions: The Doomed Generation.

Doomed! Because Tim Geithner’s in charge and he really has no interest in jobs.

Doomed! Looks like 10% unemployment for years to come. Nothing helps fix things better than letting the destroyers set the putative corrective policies. Why not give them the opportunity to make things even worse?

Doomed! Financial reform, R.I.P. Guess Professor Krugman was wrong on this one…. But now I see how Big Finance will truly suffer under the bill, what with having to spend so much money corrupting the system….

Reminder: The Raygunites started the massive gratuitous upward transfer of wealth that has resulted in the massive Global Economic Meltdown.


Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes is warning voters that Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s policies, particularly his efforts to boost bike riding, are “converting Denver into a United Nations community.”

“This is bigger than it looks like on the surface, and it could threaten our personal freedoms,” Maes said. (Link.)

Permission to destroy America granted.

Does anything suck more than a piece of crap journo shield law? (Actually, yes, but not much.)

Lying retard: President Palin spews again.

Proven retards: Glenn Beck’s audience. Can someone, like, kill them all, please?.

Did Our Leaders always hate the troops as much as the last two administrations?

Stealing and embezzlement are actually legal for Republicans.

Retards: There’s not a single Republican alive, including Bob Inglis (ex-R-S.C.) who has a right to criticize any aspect of the Teabag Party because these are the fuckers who created and enabled them But really, the Republicans have not implemented a single policy in decades that has been any good for this nation.

Sweet! We bring our values to the Republicans’ favorite ally! The Saudis now get to surveil their citizens just our government’s been doing since early in the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration.

Is this now legal?


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