What’s Happening!

Misfortunes arrive on wings and leave on foot. — /.

Doomed! Because Our Leaders won’t do this. And just because I never said this here, the market almost has to go up independent of the (*koff!*) economy because all that loose money from the upward transfer of wealth initiated by Ronnie Raygun has to go somewhere and since the wealthy don’t really invest, you’re left with Wall Street speculation. This is not bias; this is just pointing out a factual, historical pattern….

Doomed! Because Obomba’s losing Christy Romer, one advisor who knows something more than serving Big Finance. It’s 1937, but there’s going to be no WWII. Do the math; the future’s pretty clear….

Bad news for the Republican liars (not really; they’ll ignore or deny this): The Medicare disaster: It just got a less likely. And this is worse: Social Security is fiscally sound through 2037.

Denver’s schools: Screwed by JPMorganChase, the biggest scumbags in modern American banking.

Asshole: Rush Limbaugh (and of course the retards who take him seriously): the latest spew of retarded hate is here.

Retarded asshole: Glen Beck(and of course the retards who take him seriously): the latest spew of retarded hate is here.

Asshole: Paul Ryan. More reason why here.

Asshole: Dan Maes. Clearly a leader for our times: Hates the unemployed and the employed.

Anyone who believes Mark Hurd’s patent lies….

Our Lying Leaders: Does Wikileaks have blood on their hands? (Well, if so, a hell of a lot less than the Pentagon and the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration.)

Doomed! Because Dr. Doom says we are — and his track record is… well, a hell of a lot better thanOur Leaders and the rightist economists who can’t let reality get in the way of their partisan opinions….

Long delayed props to Bradley Manning.

American Justice: By all means, arrest the victim.

Real American Justice: Kill these traitors now. It’d be like self-defense.

Retarded Big Press imbecility (albeit British — but it can happen here — how else to explain the coverage of Sarah Palin?).

From the Man Bites Dog Dept.: Big Media amazed that reporter reports — instead of discussing the party-line with other reporters to keep the circle-jerk of ignorance and pandering to a shrinking audience going.

Assholes: Target’s upper management.

Oh. My. God. What a "throne"!

Oh, look, this viddie features my FaceBook friend, Megan:


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