[Apparently] The Post of DOOM!

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business. — Henry Ford

A man always needs to remember one thing about a beautiful woman. Somewhere, somebody’s tired of her. — /.

I’m the Rosa Parks of making wildly inappropriate comparisons. — Matt Fraction

Doomed: This is where we’re headed — deflation just like Japan. And the dirty secret is that the speculation-based financial establishment has no problem with deflation.

Doomed: Jeremy Grantham, truth-telling capitalist, tells whyessential reading!

Doomed: Because the political system isn’t just corrupted but is now broken (see how it doesn’t work anymore), probably beyond repair.

Doomed: Maybe the whole leadership is busted. I sort of agree with how I read this: things have gotten so complicated, the system is frozen, paralyzed.

A thought: Even the normal functional private sector often runs on deficit financing: Operate at a loss now to make a profit later (unless one fails and then there’s bankruptcy or just shutting shop). So I wonder: Why is it wrong for the public sector to operate that way? (Actually, I know a lot of the answer. Politics: These people are against it because it keeps money out of the hands of the private sector for speculation. (Which is a major sin of Raygunomics: A healthy economy requires a certain equilibrium to wealth distribution — a healthy middle class, for one thing. Raygonomics knocked that out of whack and the problem has gotten worse and worse — see the Grantham piece linked above.) Indeed, the public sector should be the last place that isn’t allowed to operate on a deficit basis, particularly in circumstances such as the present, notwithstanding the massive corruption of our leadership. Which is, in great part, why we’re doomed.

Another example of why we’re doomed.

Doomed: The financial markets aren’t just skewed by speculators (as opposed to investors) but by automatic trading by computers. (More here.)

So much for the Hippocratic Oath: Doctors take an oath to do no harm unless they’re paid by the CIA to develop new means of torture. (Link.)

Asshole-Retard: Don Maes.

Asshole (still): David Vitter. Retards: The idiot voters who’ll send him back to the Senate.

Asshole: Future senator Jeff Greene (who’ll be part of the problem, not of the solution).

Asshole (classic): David Stockman. Talk about STFU: Look at his record and the historical record of Raygunomics and the guy’s the poster boy of Epic Fail.

Flash! A Big Media mediocrity just learned that the political system is deeply corrupt.

Wow! Fake (or “faux”) news organization (not The Onion, sadly) gets front row seat at White House press briefings and press conferences. (Link.)

Memo to Faux News: When you don’t give a fuck about factual accuracy, you cannot make a factual error. And of course in the Faux News world, all African-Americans still look alike.

Of course Micro$oft can’t compete with Apple — nor should it really want to: Apple is M$’s R&D operation. Without Apple and the Windows monopoly, M$ is, what, the Xbox (profitable yet?) and failed cellphones.

The copyright stormtroopers don’t even allow copyright-owners to give away their stuff. Sickening….

Omitted tenth question: Why does Newsweek even matter? Me, I think there’s a place or need for an enlightening, intelligent newsweekly but no publisher agrees with me….

Why I didn’t want to see “Inception”: A story such as that should have been a cheap, indy, maybe B&W movie — not a big bloated production (but still with Ellen Page), and the ending is a complete cop-out and insult. Now it gets worse: It was a rip off of a Carl Barks Scrooge McDuck story.

A classic, if I recall correctly:

America, 1939-1943: Not "the Greatest Generation", just people like us. (Click on the image for dozens more.)

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