Breitbart-Free Zone; but Light on the Fun!?

Wow! Lost a little of the post to a WordPress server meltdown, maybe the wife did something too, yet this whole thing grew sooo big without me realizing it….

But, of course, it’s all good… and essential….

When you show a naked little girl running away from a burning village, that is honesty. If you show that same little girl and say “this is what happens if we leave Vietnam”, that is proganda, and it’s a lie. — Unmutual

…the fortunes of Democrats will depend almost entirely on the fact that 9.5% unemployment sucks, people took a tremendous wealth hit due to the housing bubble, and foreclosures are continuing apace. People can have differing opinions on just how much this is the administration’s and Democrats’ fault, but most voters don’t really care. — Atrios

…a reeking pile of breitbart…. — Gen. J.C. Christian

…the release of these 91,000, 92,000, whatever the current tally is, documents is more a testament to the willful ignorance of the American public than it is evidence of the military’s purported deception of the aforementioned citizens. As a girlfriend of mine likes to say when such circumstances arise: “I mean, really?” What did everyone think was going on over there? Oh, right. They didn’t. Think, that is. — Susannah Breslin

The attack on my wife has opened up an avalanche of discussion on a tabooed subject…RACE. It is a blessing to be an instrument of God’s GRACE. — Charles (Mr. Shirley) Sherrod

Sin lies only in hurting others unnecessarily. All other ‘sins’ are invented nonsense. — Robert A. Heinlein

The Cowlitz Bank failed.

Udderly Ridiculous!

Their milk shake was drank. — CalculatedRisk (bank fails, blog posts haiku in honor)

What would men be without women?

Scarce, sir…mighty scarce.– Mark Twain

Disclosure of atrocities only change things if I the Establishment fears a loss of power or support if nothing’s done. Nothing will make the people actually revolt over anything, no matter how awful, I guess. (Link.)

Bullshit: Staying in Afghanistan because we can prevent this. Here’s why. More here. The vile, irrelevant crappy source of stupidity that is Time magazine — another Old Media dinosaur whose death will bring little bad. Are the Big Media journos’ jobs to report or parrot?

We need to stay in Afghanistan for exactly however long it takes to stop this.

Doomed: Because Our Leaders feel it’s far more important to funnel public funds and support to Big Oil than to support renewables.

Doomed: Because the “conservative” economists are so detached from reality they can’t even admit that the economy is in such bad shape because of a normal reaction of business to a weak economy. They have to fantasize or hallucinate about non-existent government policies. Hint: The economy is in the awful shape you’d expect when it’s a consumer-based economy and the consumers lost an enormous amount of wealth (fuck you, Steve Forbes and your ilk) and therefore have significantly less “wealth” to spend and businesses are reacting normally i.e. by essentially contracting, not expanding, becsause they fear they market just won’t be there when they’d expand. Which, actually, is the case for a real government stimulus.

I find this disturbing — maybe because he’s not being treated as a person with knowledge but more, improperly, as a suspect? WikiLeaks volunteer “detained”. Man, it’s certainly is disturbing how freaked the Establishment gets when embarrassing truths are revealed….

Life in these here United States:

If Atrios is correct, this is amazing: HAMP was actually intended to help underwater homeowners and not get more money to banks? (HAMP works by having homeowners pay more over a longer period while the home remains underwater because of the glut that will take at least years, if not decades, to work out.) (Atrios gets it right here.)

Answer: Obomba. The lying disaster that is HAMP wasn’t an accident.

Not a complete whoring moron — the CEO of Moody’s clearly knows when to use insider information to dump stock before a major drop.

Our Leaders are clueless? Or just don’t care about us between elections? My vote’s for the latter but I can be a little too cynical.

Liar: Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Ca.). If he wasn’t one of these detached rightwing pols so occupied with spewing lies, maybe he’d know how the world works: No one’s gets pulled over for going just a little bit over the speed limit, which is to say, he was going a lot faster than he lyingly claimed.

Arnold did not destroy California. Decades of Prop. 13 and a major economic disaster put the state in one of them tailspins that results only in a hard crash….

Certainly not my God (although I occasionally agree with expressed sentiment).

Praise the Lord! (Certainly not my God.)

Speaking of the party-shaking Rangel trial (not), when’s John Ensign’s?

Bullshit Breitbart: Obama is in any way hurting or working against Wall Street Big Finance.

It’s worse in the UAE. And Saudi Arabia. I hope the next Republican administration invades them to bring them freedom like they did for Iraq. Can’t. Wait. Meanwhile, India finds Crackberry security too strong.

The Wall Street Journal editorial and op-ed pages really are disgusting. It takes a pathology to like them (except for Thomas Frank).

You know when it’s Monday because the Times puts complete bullshit Breitbart like this on its front page.

Obomba is not LBJ. Vietnam was a far greater Fail than Afghanistan and Iraq combined and LBJ did far more domestically than Obomba has, will or can even conceive of. (Link.)

Come 2010, America will clearly be in great hands.

Yes, Professor K., Our Leaders don’t care about high unemployment.

Assholes: Verizon again.

I guess part of Christiane Amanpour’s job duties with a dying network requires her to be an asshole.

American Justice: Man busted for taping this -- cop pulling gun on motorcyclist he pulled over. Click on the image for the story.
Dang, you really can find anything on the Google, even what corners are being worked by streetwalkers....

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