This Time, Bigger is Better

Another victory for the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration, the policies of whom have half-lives second only to Stronium-90.

The Afghan WikiLeaks: another perspective — they’re not so reliable because the military can’t be trusted to communicate within themselves honestly. Me, I say that while that lowers the accuracy, it points out just a little more Fail to the pointless war. Meanwhile, the conservative press has it somewhat in perspective: There’s nothing per se new in the leaks. If you were paying attention, there’s nothing new in the general scope of the story. What’s new is the loads of forensic proof — that what’s they’re missing or deliberately ignoring.

Like their Republican puppets, the corporatists hate the killed in action, and they steal from the survivors.

Doomed: Because liars set economic policy.

Doomed: Because retards set economic policy.

Doomed: Because anyone not certifiably insane is considering an extension of the Cheney/Rove/Bush tax cuts. They did nothing good originally, other than create an unnecessary fiscal deficit and would be even worse now.

If you think this is bad news, you have things exactly backwards. President Palin’s media supporters are already downplaying a defeat in New Hampshire with the old “It doesn’t matter what happens here” claim.

Assholes: Roger Simon and the rest of the awful. vile Politico gang of bullshit artists (and I use the word artists lightly).

I cannot embed this so click on the link to watch it….

Sad, sad, sad: The Anti-Defamation League, now just a supporter of the most vile right-wing politics. It’s been years — decades — since they did anything of value. (More better put here.)

Asshole retard: Paul Ryan. A lying panderer like every other Republican.

Good for Sandra Bullockcalling out Big Oil deceivers. Now if she could do herself a favor and stop getting involved with assholes… I know that would hurt People magazine but it would be good for her….

Now I understand why I don’t care see to “Inception”: it says not caring whether you live in a world with any connection with reality is okay, that it’s hero is self-deluded like a wingnut. (Link.)

How we got to the moon (back when this nation was able to do things):

I loved this show, specially the latter part of the run with the Raymond Loewy-designed Cessna 310


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