As Good as it Gets

Now we know... DoD tweeted their position....

Evil prevails when good men do nothing — Edmund Burke

I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing. — Agatha Christie

Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die. — Mel Brooks

If built in great numbers, motels will be used for nothing but illegal purposes. — J. Edgar Hoover

Really, it didn’t taken genius to realize the war in Afghanistan was doomed and worthless. For those who cannot learn from history nor current facts, here’s proof. About the documents here. More background info here.

Teabag Jesus!

The Afghan Fail analyzed so well you’ll cry. Link.

What WikiLeaks may do for us next. (More here.)

Pentagon: The leaks are only embarrassing, don’t threaten national security. Well, who needed the Pentagon to tell them that? The threat — like Paki support of the Taliban and terrorists is old news. The new news is that it’s old news… I mean, to those paying attention.

Doomed: Because the record (and Old Testament) is clear; one thing worked — a healthy government stimulus — and nothing else and Our Leaders either don’t get it or just can’t bring themselves to do what they know needs to be done. Read this and this.

Doomed: A somewhat dispassionate analysis based on facts and knowledge.

Doomed: Because Keynesian policies work and Our Leaders refuse to use them — because Obomba was clearly elected with a mandate to continue failed Republican policies.

Doomed because stupidity and greed and cupidity rule (thank you, Greatest Generation).

Doomed: Because of those who believe life goes on so what do things matter. Okay: A new normal of 9-1/2% unemployment and a significant loss of wealth is acceptable, huh? To be that, you have to be a Forbesian milion-/billionaire or a fool who believes whatever you’re told to believe no matter what it does to you (e.g. Teabag-cllass retard).

Life in these here modern, America-hating United States — the arc of our history in a phrase: “…taking it from napkin doodle to TSA confiscata….” (Link.) From progress to mindless repression….

American Justice: Busted for taping a cop pulling a gun.

Seymour Hersh — a dying breed: A real reporter who reports (oh, wait, he’s a dick, so the Elite Journalists can ignore his work, facts and all):

Asshole: President John Sidney McCain III — opportunistic, unprincipled flip-floppinh retard.

Asshole: I’ve hated Carly Fiorina from the get-go and she becomes ever more hateable. Now she loves the teabaggers.

Assholes: The Great Rightwing Bullshit Machine for which the Elite Media feels compelled to be an uncritical echo chamber.

A small victory for freedom in the war against it by the copyright police.

Again: The suppression of the copyright cops is not a good thing.

Why is Tina Brown making believe her husband is any sort of world leader? I mean, is this crap for real?

Just throwing this out here but maybe this bureaucratic inanity is the result, in whole or in part, of deliberate Republican mismanagement because one of the ways to destroy government is by making inept and hated?

I loved this guy's stuff. And he was an inspiration. Click on the image for an obit. And if you don't find this funny, you have probelms and I don't like you.

There are people who would get turned on by this (question: everyone is smolking tobacco or are there any substitute fillers for non-tobacco smokers?):

Because we need it: comedy relief:

That's a fact, Jack.

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