The New D&D: Deluded and Denying — That’s What Makes the World Go Round

There's still a need for newspapers after all. As wallpaper. Click.

Gone, baby, gone: Daniel Schorr — a real reporter — R.I.P. No replacement available. Our loss. (The “official” obit is here.)

When the Republicans regain power (or do I just mean more control?), clearly it will be a return to the bad days of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration. Lucky us. Thank God, Obomba and the Media Elite echo machine helped re-empower them after the 2006 and 2008 elections.

Did you know the Roberts Supreme Court is even more conservative other recent courts? Knew it for years but the Times just found out, despite their complete coverage of the court. Do you know from the piece just conservative it is? Dunno but it’s conservative in the anti-respect-for-the-law way the wingnuts falsely accuse the old liberal courts of being. Think the Big Media echo chamber is going run with this one? Doubt it.

Someone thinks Obomba’s irrelevant energy bill might have a few crumbs of good in it by the time it’s passed (no thanks to Obomba of course, he doesn’t lead). Link.


The Vatican still has no problem with priests having abnormal sex. (Link.)

Financial Reform Fail.

Me, I always wondered how things can be safer when capital and profit rule….

Economic downturns are unavoidable. Depressions can be avoided.

More dead: Kodachrome.

Obomba: How he fails.

Atrios is dead wrong about this (though I wish he’s right). Unemployment is not going to be9+% for the next 18 months — it’s gonna be much longer and personally I think it’s the new normal. (More here.) If job growth was so punk during the good times of the Cheney/Rove/Bush years then when will we ever have robust growth again? (Of course, I joke; the prosperity of the Clinton and Bush years wasn’t a genuine growth but the growth of credit and speculation.) This, however, is funny in a macabre way.

Asshole: Ben Stein. (But that’s only been known for decades.)

HAMP=FAIL. But the fewer homeowners “helped”, the better. And Atrios raises a good point: Accountability, anyone?

Liberal PBS runs rightwing hagiography unedited, gives spew of lies legitimacy. (Link.) Of course, PBS hasn’t been liberal for years, only in the rightists’ lies, not in any sort of reality as normal people understand reality.

Andrew Breitbart: The correct solution would be a public lynching. Really.

The Republican Movie of the 20th Century:

Fact: America doesn’t need Tennessee. Quit, baby, quit! Don’t want to be Americans? GTF out of our country!


Assholes: Random House. Of course, these days, profits aren’t earned, they’re stolen….

Today’s lesson in literary history: L. Frank Baum was cool!


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