This May Well Be a Lull Before Another Storm… or not

Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter. — Jack Benny

A parable for our times:

No surprise here: The failure of the Fed.

How we can survive the economic hard times....

Obomba’s energy Fail. Watch the Gulf spill here!

How Obomba fails: He refuses to take responsibility. I’ve been holding off on this for time reasons but the Obomba strategy is clear: Only do things that can be boasted about as accomplishments but aren’t because of fear of fighting the corporatist establishment, like reform-free reform bills and a D.O.A. stimulus. I cannot predict the future but I’d love to get back to this issue someday….

What makes European trains run on time?

No, not fascism. — Maggie Koerth-Baker

Teabaggers love crap like this douchebag.

What I don’t understand about Andrew Breitbart: Who the fuck is he that the Media Elite feel required to be his echo chamber? Why do they do it? Who needs this? More specifically, who needs anyone who needs it and why do those retards dictate what’s determined to be newsworthy?

So the story’s getting some buzz but since the point of the story is the failure of the elite media to, you know, bother to get a story straight — like here and here and here — the question is: Did the Elite Media learn the lesson? Or maybe their audiences only learned again how inept, which is to say ultimately irrelevant, the Elite Media are.

Qualified props to the Times for this front page story. Of course, it’s not going to get picked up by the Media Elite echo chamber — it’s not as important as an Andrew breitbart lie.

Media Elite asshole: John Stossel.

Unsupervised: Medical devices’ proprietary, life-threatening software.

This is sickening: Sarah Palin + Kate Gosselin + the kids.

Another endemic failing of the Media Elite journos: The compulsion to offer ignorant opinion instead of substantive reporting;  a fresh example.

(About the viddie.)

What we need in a smartphone: bloatwarea feature of Android’s open app marketplace. Any piece of garbage a developers wants to put out, he can, thanks to the complete absence of supervision. See this too.

Still hard....

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