Still Doomed, Thanks to Our Leaders — and Us For Keeping Them in Power

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Democracy is a device that ensures we shall be governed no better than we deserve. — George Bernard Shaw

I have noticed that the people who are late are often so much jollier than the people who have to wait for them. — E. V. Lucas

Once upon a time, America was capable was capable of far more than getting involved with pointless, doomed wars and replacing investing with speculation and worshipping a generation of conscripts who returned to raise two generations of stupid, greedy people. Once, we were capable of doing things. See it now:

Traitors: National insecurity: How the Republicans’ fealty to private sector profits at everyone’s expense has made America less free and more at risk.

Traitors: Enough of general bashing, here’s how they’ve been destroying America: Republican fiscal irresponsibility.

Proven traitors: Teabaggers=America-hating corporatist whores.

Does Obomba have balls?

Query: Is this corrupt enough you to admit Our Leaders are pretty thoroughly corrupted?

BP is hard at work to make sure scientific information regarding the Gulf spill stays secret — and apparently there are any number of scientists for whom this is not a problem. (Link.)

Doomed, beause this will not suceed, it will lead nowhere, but it may be fun to dream…:

Doomed (thanks to Republican policy): The nightmare that is the post-bubble housing market. Hey, Greatest Generation, thanks for the two generations of greedy retards you raised. Good going!

Ugly. And dead on true.

Doomed: Because the Republkicans make sure we don’t (or don’t allow us to) learn from past mistakes. (Link. Link.)

Obomba calls out Republicans on unemployment insurance — you know, too little, too late. I call him out on his failure to pass a non-speculative economy-growing, job-creating stimulus.

Asshole whore: Niall Ferguson — first-rate bullshit artist.

Dem scumbag: John L. Sampson.

Doomed: Standardized stupidity. You know the South’s standards will rule.

It takes a great nation to criminalize growing healthy food. America is great.

Good news!

Sir Harold Evans — a former first-rate journalist who turned a whore for Murdoch, a “notable economist and historian”? Nowhere in the world except on his wife’s irrelevant, crappy blog.

Sarah Palin jokes: What happens when she’s elected? Jokes retroactively stop being funny? On the other hand, there’s nothing funny about this:

Traitors: Rightwing lies, bought by the media elite: The latest harm done.

Republican scumbags.

Apparently it’s legal to take photos in public? (Link.)

Faked lie of a photo....

Revealed: That Arizona anti-immigration bill got passed because the governor hates her own state.

Goodness, Steve Jobs maybe got it right. Why anyone expected the competition to admit to their own flaws instead of lying….

This is exactly ass-backwards: The Windows/Office monopoly is forced on us; there is not a thing Apple makes that is any way forced on us.

Nexus One is so successful Google’s quitting production of it.

R.I.P., Kodachrome….


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