Apocalypse Coming

The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd; indeed in view of the silliness of the majority of mankind, a widespread belief is more likely to be foolish than sensible. — Bertrand Russell

Democracy is a form of government in which it is permitted to wonder aloud what the country could do under first-class management. — Senator Soaper

Proof that Reagonomics was a failure economically, only a success in the Republican ability to sell a Big Lie through the compliance of the elite press. (Click on the graph for the story.)

Apocalypse Soon: It’s coming.

Apocalypse Soon: What the 2010 Republican victory will bless us with. Well, what would you expect from the party that hates America? Anything good for we, the people? Of course, this kind of disaster is easy to make happen, thanks to the Media Elite, who did a great job us into Iraq buying Republican lies, for example. (That social irresponsibility is why if the old media disappears tomorrow, it would be a minor loss.) Why it’s going to happen is here. Throwing away a mandate for change certainly doesn’t help….

Doomed: Because policies are based on want the elites want, independent of any other reality (cf. HAMP — “helping” people who can’t afford to pay something to pay even more than what they can’t afford) but for pols lying to us to convince us they did something good when all they did is to screw us. In a sense, then, all pols are Republicans. What set this off is here.

Doomed: The simple version, from a guy at Goldman. The good news — no “double dip” ahead — because the economy is and will be so punk for so many years to come.

How Obomba fails. How Obomba failedHow Obomba failed. Actually, I maybe disagree with that last one…. (In his defense, we let Our Leaders get away with crap like this.)

Doomed by retarded assholes like Jon Kyl.

Doomed because Republicans hate small businesses — you know, the ones essential for a healthy, non-predatory economy. Do you know if Our Leaders didn’t rig it so speculators couldn’t lose money, maybe there’d be more investing instead, which would be far better for nearly everyone?

Doomed: Because Big Banks are Obomba’s only important constituency — he’s their bitch.

Doomed: Because Obomba failed, because people are “ill-informed”. (Link.)

Wall Street is safe from financial reform. Despite the bill, none will be coming. Obomba will make sure of that.

This will be good news if it leads to anything….

Silly me. Isn’t it clear HAMP is meant to help the lenders or investors in fake crap debt not just get their money but to get extra money for making inappropriate loans or investing in crap debt? Helping underwater homeowners was never the real plan. And what’s the point of making underwater homeowners who could never afford their homes in the first place pay more to stay where they can’t afford to stay? (Link. More here.)

Financial “reform” (another Obomba fiscal black hole that will waste money and fail to reform anything): An interesting factoid.

Objectivist asshole: Greenspan finally speaks wisdom, comes out for a little fiscal responsibility. (Link.)

Think the Teabaggers aren’t puppets of the people who create what they claim to protest against? Well, they are against people who oppose corporate support of terrorists. And they’re lying retards.

Afghanistan: The eternal Fail.

Elite Media bullshit.

This guy is completely wrong, merely a believer in the lies that rationalize selfish, anti-societal behavior. Or maybe he’s just an Objectivist retard.

Why President Palin will be elected: She gives men hard-ons. Really:

Looks like Steve Jobs wasn't complete wrong. Unless you prefer "spokesmen" lies over facts.

My hero: Peter Jenner, man of sense.

Another sad day for CNN, now more irrelevant than ever, with the ratings to prove it.

The modern Elite Media journalist: No experience required. Not that experience helps when the Elite Media doesn’t give a shit about factual accuracy.

Wrist: slapped. Yay, Goldman!

The Vatican must be getting ready to ordain women as priests. Reason I say so: They say it would be as bad as raping kids from the pulpit. But for location of the abuse, the Vatican is fine with that. (Link.)

History: When the Elite Media saw nothing wrong with spreading complete bullshit instead of calling the lying Republican retards on their idiocy, thereby giving the completely illegitimate legitimacy. And thus begins a slippery slope where the Elite Media just can’t point out really, say, Sarah Palin’s profound unfitness to lead this nation anywhere right and good. Make fun of her in their snotty way, yes (and strengthening among the retards in the process), going for the substantive argument, no. More here. Another example here. Really, if the purpose of the Elite Media is to put up with 99.44/100% crap because of the .54% of competently reported importance and significance, they’re doomed and the loss will be, well, I guess regretable.

Pretty much the only provision of the Constitution the wingnuts support absolutely.

Ahh, them was the days when they could have a commercial about….


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