See WTF Makes Me Happy (It’s Not the End of Civilization — or is it?)

Soon, most Americans will look like this....

Never grow a wishbone, daughter, where your backbone ought to be. — Clementine Paddleford

Doomed: Obomba is president (not that any Republican would have done any better — they couldn’t even if they wanted to, which they wouldn’t; there would of course just be no negativity about the president’s failing blasting through the elite media 24/7).

Doomed: The Fed is tripping.

Fuck yes!

Doomed: The Markets are crazy stupid.

Query: Who cares about the voters other than lying to them to get votes? It’s not elected officials anymore care to actually do anything for us.

Watch that leak!

Doomed: Our Leaders love oil. They’re more faithful to oil than they are to their wives.

No glory here: Global Big Brother; International loss of freedom — actually, we’re not even free enough to know what the scumbags want to do (U.S. too). (Comic book version is here.)

Retards: Everyone who believes lies instead of accepting facts — and that’s a fact.

A miserable stupid piece about the death of creativity in America — or maybe just an example. Knowledge and all things intellectual have been demeaned in America regularly by the Republican sound machine since the Raygun years. The establishment wants creativity that only results in great financial gains — you know, idiotic speculative instruments for Wall Street. If anything else is needed, it can be bought cheap overseas; no domestic creativity is needed specially when it costs money.

Retarded asshole: Mitch O’Connell.

Why we're we doomed.

Update: Still an asshole: Dan (Mr. Campbell Brown”) Senor.

Retards: Everyone who believes George W. Bush’s fiscally irresponsible tax cuts were good things economically.

This seems like something slaves would do, mourning the former Massa’s death for three months. And the NL show their utter lack of class by winning the All-Star game…. Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh, as dependably as Old Faithful, makes Steinbrenner look like a class act.

ASCAP aspires to be as stupid as the RIAA.

Sign of the times: RIAA spends $16M64M, recovers $1,361,000.00. Not that the money goes to the artists.

App of the day: Vaseline offers one in India that enables one to lighten the hinduswarthy complexion of one’s online profile photo. (Link.)

Whoopi may actually be on to something: Maybe Mel Gibson isn’t a racist but just crazily pissed. As to the misogyny…. To me, though, he always was and is a lousy no-talent actor….


My favorite: this colon.

We have comics! Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: the Pentagon comic book (courtesy of our tax dollars!).

Sad. Or something.

My greatest fear. Only because leaving the mess of a rotted, smelly corpse offends me.
I love the last two panels....

How true....


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