Doom and Worse All Around….

The assholes at Forbes? Retards or what? How else to bash policing the speculators and stimulating? By claiming it’s 1932. It’s in fact 1937 redux when following the leads of the Wall Street whores undid all the benefits of the New Deal, and pushed us back into a recession solved only by World War II — economic stimulation by government pumping money into the economy.

Why else we’re doomed. Again, I’m an Old Testament guy. Joseph’s story proves that austerity during a depressed economy is not the solution. Stimulus using prior savings are. 1937 and the necessity of World War II’s deficit spending and resulting stimulus all prove I’m right.

Doomed: Contrary to Big Finance’s self-serving lies, they don’t invest responsibly these days so much as speculate in shit — and that’s why investing is punk.

Doomed: What kind of recovery do you get with permanent joblessness? Brief history lesson: Job growth was inadequate during the last period (of bogus, illusional) prosperity. So when the global economy has a speculation generated meltdown, bad becomes worse….

Doomed: Because mental cases like Ed Prescott (and these retards too) are setting the agenda of doom, not recovery.

The place to vacation: The beautiful Gulf Coast. Where else can youn look like this?

Doomed because, contrary to Professor K., the Fed cannot provide any significant help because Big Finance only cares about speculating, not investing, and more of the former is of no help. Does Professor K. really think even low rates are all that’s needed to jumpstart expansionary lending? Actually, it seems businesses of the economy being too punk to warrant investing in expansion. Nothing the Fed can do about that. Maybe a significant stimulus could have done good but Obama and the Dems were happy to let the Republicans (“Power before Country”) prevent that. (Link to an obit for Obama’s nubbinesque, flaccid stimulus.) Nothing like leaders who don’t care about their nation… but I digress….

Doomed: This is Obama’s recovery:

Job creation has been disappointing, but first-quarter corporate profits were up 44 percent from a year earlier. (Link.)

Doomed: Because 55% of our fellow subjects are unbelivably dumb and/or ignorant. (Link.)

Judge Nancy Gertner does the right thing. The system is not completely corrupt… just the important parts….

A little more freedom lost thanks to the America-hating majority on the Supreme Court. (Link.)

The next Gulf disaster.

Retard: Megan McArdle. The only reason a sensibly sized stimulus wouldn’t work is because the Republicans won’t allow any stimulus that accomplish anything. That’s why it’s 1937 all over again.

Retards: Sharron Angle and anyone who would vote for her — America-hating imbecile.

Big Media Fail on bogus “Climategate”.

Some lucky scumbags benefit from TSA’s ineptitude and stupidity, putting us at risk.

And how was the woman’s work? Show any bias? And does CNN have a problem knowing stuff or rather act like a dumb ignoramus? Of course, MSNBC can be as stupid.

Mystery: NASCAR drivers don’t seem terribly fertile. Coincidence or is there a reason for it?

I always hated Mel Gibson. Guess I was right to suspect he was a major asshole because he’s a major asshole.

Secret revealed: iPhone 4’s third great camera!

Ahh, the old days.... Poor Univac, a zillion times bigger, a zillion times less powerful than an iPhone....

No, recent posts haven’t had enough funny stuff:


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