No Change, Still Doomed (But the Fireworks were Cool)

Better late than never:

So many of our fellow subjects don’t even know what the 4th is about. (Link.)

Vote: The instrument and symbol of a freeman’s power to make a fool of himself and a wreck of his country. — Ambrose Bierce

Love is a dirty trick played on us to achieve the continuation of the species. — William Somerset Maugham


Why we’re doomed: An ignored, proven truth. Another reason here: the lies of these idiots are dictating policy. Yet another reason here.

It’s a fact that besides not offering help to enough homeowners, many offered help cannot be helped, they’re that much underwater. Fact is the private sector lenders gladly lent money in grossly, fee-pumping amounts to those who couldn’t afford realistic market-accurate amounts in the first place. The only help for these is complete forgiveness, which ain’t coming outside a bankruptcy court. (That Obama’s plan involves essentially an extended payout with lower monthlies obviously can’t help explains its failure.)

This is too sad — because it’s so true. The Republicans really do hate all Americans who aren’t controlling the party….

You can stay home next Election Day. Election 2010 is over. Apparently Big Finance has cast their votes. Against you.

This happens in nations with subjects, not those with citizens.

Asshole: Sharron Angle. Yet again (instant correction: still).

Retard: David Brooks. Proven here.

Everyone with a vested interest should indicate their vested interests. Apparently, this is somehow a difficult concept to grasp, but that may just be due to the gross dumbing down of the past couple of decades. That someone’s opinion has been bought should be noted otherwise kept out of public discussion.

This too is pretty disgusting…. You read about this and you have to wonder whether there’s any need for the Mainstream Media.

Assholes: The AP (Associated Press for you young know-nothing punks). Still.

Assholes: HSBC: Enabling thefts from their customers.

The great failure that is Big Media journalism. Simply, their role is to serve the nation. When they stop doing that, they are unneeded — or just hold themselves out as simply, mindless purveyors of propaganda and publicity releases.

Inquiring minds want to know: Which phones can run this? Which phopnes can run it without the carrier messing up the OS and features? How and when can those phones be upgraded? Note: I have no such problem with my smartphone. Just have issues with line of shit.

Is Micro$oft doomed? Well, if desktop OSes are growing less important,and the company fails with nearly everything it tries, I suppose the answer must be yes.

QED: The horse my daughter saw crapping by the jukebox in a bar in Wyoming must have actually been on a job:

Didn’t know a daschund could be taught. Period.

Love this:

Jaws, you're daddy's here!

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