The important thing is not to stop questioning. — Albert Einstein

When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion. — C. P. Snow

There are certainly no perfect politicians. — President William Jefferson (“Slick Willie”) Clinton (link)

When I was young and foolish I believed “we’d” learned the lessons of Vietnam and of the Great Depression. — Atrios

Here’s your independence: We’re really subjects of a corporatists state, not citizens of a democracy, aren’t we?

Why are we doomed? Because we have leaders who think and/or can say idiocy like this:

I’m so old I can remember when Larry Summers told me the increase in unemployment was good news because it reflected an increasing labor force due to people getting excited about the newly awesome economy. — Atrios

Or this:

In the far ranging interview, Greenspan said that raising the capital gains tax in the US would be ill advised. He also added that the financial crisis could not have been foreseen.

“It is just not feasible to forecast a financial crisis,” he said. “A financial crisis by definition is a sharp abrupt, unexpected decline in asset prices.” — via Atrios

The markets are in the toilet because of their success corrupting Our Leaders into passing inept response to Big Finance’s Global Economic Meltdown. They court failure, get the results of failure, and now are n’t happy. Their solution? Even more failure.

Assholes: Alan Greenspan and the D.C. media, who lionized him then, and doing so, covered up his failings then and now. (Link.)

Me, I’m no Bill Gross or other expert, but I don’t find anything per se wrong with the gratuitous debt the middle class was enjoying life with. Historically, home values continuously rose. Therefore, taking on debt that would ultimately be paid from the profits on the homestead sale was reasonably responsible. The problem mostly was when greedy lenders and builders, enabled by Greenspan’s Fed and the Rove/Cheney/Bush administration, went all irresponsible chasing profit and created a bubble resulting in the first significant collapse in home values in at least decades, one that itself will last for decades.

The success of the speculators and their Republican puppets, illustrated. Take away your fiscal irresponsibility and financing the failure of the unpoliced free market and things would look pretty good....

Is Michael Steele just the dumbest human alive? Today’s example is here. I mean, really, his position is of only minor importance in the way the Republicans actually operate (more some other time maybe) but still…. And how the party really operates: Rove rules behind the scenes.

Assholes: Lara Logan — a reporter that hates reporting and thinks her job is to mindlessly disseminate the lies of the powerful — and David Brooks — simply retarded. When the Big Media implode, these assholes surely will land on their feet but no where anything as prominent as where they are now.

Assholes: — nothing like stealing from grieving survivors of the recently deceased — get ’em when they’re down…. Modern business models based on theft and deceit are just so awesome and best of all, good for the economy….

Big Media Fail: The Times, as a matter of policy, cannot call torture torture (and they fail by choice, not because they’re carrying water for the government), and their editor has no problem with that. (Link. Long version here.) They just haven’t learned yet, because of the lack of stories in the Big Media, that failing to provide honest information is not a good way to stop losing an alienated audience…. And look at this: Dan Rather just discovered that the Catholic Church’s refusal to deal fairly with priestly abuse is morally wrong. (Link.) No shit, Dan! Meanwhile, another Fail of the Times.

Well, this is a keen disappointment. Maybe no one reads the Old Testament anymore….

Only 24% of our fellow subjects are ignorant dopes believing utter idiocy. (Link.)

Asshole: Sharron Angle. Still.

Nuke it?

A minor scintilla of good news….

The iPhone 4 apology: Actually, there are two flaws and this addresses one — the bars showing on the phone is nuts. It does not address the grip issue. (Disclosure: It bothers me not at all because when I hold the phone in my left hand, which I need to while working because on many work calls I need to write and being righty…, my hand is just about as far from the lower left corner as possible without using a hands free — and this has been so forever.) But what I don’t recall reading in the complaints is how much of the criticism is based on showing a signal loss and how much is based on documented dropped calls. In other words, how much of the problem is actual as opposed to apparent? Again, would appear not at all an issue for me but still…. Look! A bitter comment from someone with a vested interest — and he’s wrong. This makes some sense and offers some perspective.

Meanwhile: The awesome ineptitude that is Micro$oft. Again, take away theft and mindless ripping off of others’ innovations and there’s precious little left. Yes, Office has been awesome until the last version or two and, ignorantly, I will give them the Xbox (although since it may not be profitable maybe I shouldn’t). Take away those two and you have, well, crap.

So. Android phones are catching up iPhones in web usage but the iPad has already passed the Androids??

Sad but true — about the broad range of failure, I mean:


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