Independence Day Weekend: Good: Time Off. Bad: No Independence Worth Celebrating

Republicans and their Democrat bitches (including Obama) to the unemployed: Drop Dead! (Link. More here and here.)

The big holiday weekend meme seems to be the economy is not as good as Big Finance and their Big Media toadies claim (see above). (Link. A depressing analysis is here.) (This is what Our Leaders rather spend their money on — a black hole.) Let me make this overly simple: When the economy is a consumer economy, which is to say middle class, where significant employment and wealth have been lost and nothing’s done about that, where would the overall economy be headed if not down?

Asshole: Sharron Angle. Dumb, crazy, nasty and hateful.

Assholes: Forbes magazine. They think we’re doomed because the government are increasing public sector debt. Of course, the problem is that the private sector is neither reducing debt significantly nor lending where needed. Because Our Leaders are listening to the assholes, we’re doomed. Hey, Forbes, STFU!

Asshole: This pope enabled sexual abuse by priests.

Faux News wants to make people stupid. But of course; more stupid people means larger audience, duh.

Misinformation about the BP oil disaster suffusing the mainstream mediadebunked.

Is this how elections are run in the democracy with which we blessed Iraq? Candidates are stalked and killed on behalf of the competition? Well, that certainly justifies that eternal war, huh?

Competition of the day: Find the substantive reform in the finance reform bill.

The White House follows President Palin’s lead?

These people fully deserve our help.

Sad, sad, sad....

Reminder: “Climategate”=Republican bullshit.

Bad news: WikiLeaks dying…?

Android data usage surging because Android requires data usage more than the iPhone (operative word here is “requires”). So if sales of Android phones go up, its share of data usage has to as well. But this data usage includes crap like contacts and dates because all this crap is in the cloud and can’t be kept on the phone. And the lucky people who pay for an Android phone get the opportunity requirement of being carpet bombed on their phone with ads. So other than Google, who benefits from this unavoidable surge? And maybe I’m misreading this but seems the state of the art Droid X is near-great, if huge, hardware, but the latest version of Android is something of a crappy pain in the ass — that is, miserable to use. But props to Google for this.

For years, Micro$oft claimed — swore in court — IE was intrinsically integrated into the WinOS so it could not be deleted or substituted. Now Micro$oft claims that wasn’t true after all. Micro$oft innovated all right: First major company to mainline blatant lies and stealing from customers….

The iPhone 4 launch disaster in perspective (hint: lousy reporting).

Micro$oft’s KIN seems to be the anti-iPhone in all respects — features feeble, ugly, required expensive (instead of necessary) plan — and it bombed hugely.

This is incredible. You must watch it! (And the story behind the clip is here.)

Forget iPhone 4. Must... have... this....

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