What a Wonderful World… Where? When?

Television is the first truly democratic culture — the first culture available to everybody and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want. — Clive Barnes

Less than Hoover: Obama gives up on doing anything for the economy. It’s now in the hands of the people who got us into this mess. (Link.) And Our Leaders clearly lie here.

Straight to Hell: The Republican plan for after victory in 2010. Lucky us.

Again, unlike in the 1920s and 30s, none of our leaders feel the need to actually do very much about the Global Economic Meltdown other than funneling money to Big Finance speculators, not their victims. The establishment feels a compulsion only for spending cuts (which is to say make more funds available for more speculation, not for profitable investing) — and they’d be a complete disaster. And their puppets have chosen doom. Did I say doomed? And these are a lot of the reasons why.

Instant update: My feeling of doom has just been seconded by a Nobel Laureate in Economics.

Wow! The establishment economics preaching austerity (in other words making more monies available for speculation instead of, you know, fixing the mess they made) are proven wrong. Think anything’ll happen as a result of this one news story?

Our dwindling freedom takes another hit (although apparently Americans don’t care ).

Incredible but true! One reporter says another reporter did the right thing — by reporting. And a reporter with a contrary view gets rightly slammed. Meanwhile, Big Media fakers feel the McChrstal story is so important to trash that they must rely on anonymous sources. In other words, Rolling Stone got the story so wrong, only anonymous cowards can be used to dispute it.

Did I tell you things are worse than you think? Certainly worse than the Big Media fakers are making a fuss over.

Our true leadership:

…Then Time goes and reverts to norm and runs imbecilic crap like this. “Toy Story 3” would not be sad to a kid. And if it’s sad to an adult, as opposed to melancholic, the adult has problems.

Only Fox News can get away with such retarded hosts and have a large audience that accepts it:

I couldn't stop myself from posting this.

A real shakedown: Karl Rove’s latest scheme for destroying America for profit.

Asshole (long overdue, I suppose) and, for that matter, pandering, lying scumbag: Jim Cramer.

American Justice: Cops sure do loving using their tasers so much they tase people unreasonably — like bedridden 86 year olds. And all sentences should be death sentences like this guy’s, huh?

How to eat cheap during the Great Depression 2: no government handouts — private sector coupons.

Personally, I’m ambivalent about the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq — none were exactly conscripted. Still, some props are due for being on the front lines, albeit of pointless wars…..

The greatness that was Richard (“Tricky Dick”) Nixon.

Olbermann errs again: President Palin is not an Olbermann: Palin went to three colleges but still ‘is an idiot’ , but a retard.

I do not completely disagree with this. And long AAPL, I cannot afford too 🙂

We can learn from pornographers: The porn industry has, as a matter of fact, been on the cutting edge (for better or worse) of the internet for years — and they hate Flash.

I now concede Android’s greatness. The Android App Store offers an app to steal private data. Great.


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