As Always, This Post Is Dedicated To Those Suffering From Anosognosia

— who don’t know that they’re suffering from the disease affecting tens of millions of Americans resulting in, like, unfathomable harm….

The obituary for Obama’s financial reform Fail.

Every general who took charge in Vietnam expressed unqualified certainty of victory. Slick General Petraeus is no different, and victory will in fact be as certain as Vietnam. All we have to do is wait for defeat to force us out, or maybe just bolt before the disaster. Worked in the ‘Nam….

Assholes: The Obama administration. For their failure or refusal to rise to the level of Herbert Hoover in dealing with the economic meltdown. Here is the simple version of how their failing underwater homeowners. (The fairest thing of course is to have the thieving lenders buy back the homes.)

Assholes: All Texas Republicans. Read this and see that I’m right. This is the work some very sick minds capable only of destruction.

Assholes: Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and the assholes who elected her, support her and allow her to remain in office. The latest reason is here.

Why we’re still in Afghanistan — the longest war in which we’ve been involved, with victory essentially impossible. There’s this too.

Atrios is dead wrong (this too). There will be no true reform without a crisis that puts the establishment themselves at risk. And now that they’ve rigged the game in their favor that will never happen. The only alternative would be if enough people cared enough to rid the system of corruption but there’s a number of reasons that will never happen, not just endemic ignorance and apathy.

Much as I, uhh… accept copyright violation, I wanna see Rolling Stone sue Politico because the latter are such scumbaggy pandereers and water-carriers. Here’s why.

We got crumbs!

Asshole: David Gregory, my personal whipping boy for all that is wrong with Big Media fake journalism. Here’s why I so hate him — not to mention the simian looks. And a concise write up of why Big Media journalism sucks — maybe to the point of worthlessness.

I also hate assholes like David Jungerman. And like Bill Randall. And Linda McMahon and her WWE (she owns, or inherited, and her husband only fronts). And Geraldo Rivera, a self-promoting scumbag who has reported nothing of importance for forty years and still acts like he’s journalism’s gift tou dumb mortals:

Geraldo, you are so right: Everything our leaders want hidden should remain hidden. Asshole. Not these two scumbags are any better:

Asshole: Rand Paul.

How could I forget? Asshole: Jamie Dimon. Here’s why.

The press discovers what an utter, vile piece of crap President Palin is:

Of course, the Big Media press rests on assholes like David Brooks.

Assholes: Everyone at Murdoch’s vile New York Post. Here’s why.

Why would anyone pay $200.00 or whatever for a phone that can do this and this? Of course, I’m behind the times. I like a phone I control, and having data I control easily. And an easy-to-use music player. And I need a Verizon iPhone so I can be abused, like this woman. Maybe there’s iPhone because the company is so vile? (Or maybe a few million CDMA users are n’t so important where the rest of world only has CDMA as a legacy being phased out. Not to mention maybe AT&T’s being rewarded for enabling it in the first place?)

Frontman of the day: The incredibly wonderful Neko Case:

The real deal:


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