Please. When Do Things Start Getting Really Better? When Do We The People Take Back America?

I don’t always know what I’m talking about but I know I’m right. — Muhammad Ali

Now that we have homeland security, will the motto “Live Free or Die” be changed to “Do as You’re Told?” — Anonymous

Do this now.

We’re doomed (regarding the Global Economic Meltdown). Here’s why (hint: global failure of leadership to lead as opposed to whore for Big Finance). Here’s more reason why — it’s 1937 all over again, when the crazies got their economy-destroying way. Imagine… taking advise from the destroyers….

And let’s not forget how bad off the states are. California is a special case only as to scope (worsened of course by over thirty years of the destructive cancer of Proposition 13).

Obama loves: Out of control CEO earnings unless it’s the CEO of a small business. This is, of course, completely ass backwards and no more than necessary than whoring for the corporatist masters.

Obama fails: Homeowners.

How laws are made in the corparatist state.

I love revisionism. Greenspan lionized by the lackey media during his reign, now slammed with facts. Of course, it’s far too little, far too late….

Eternal asshole: Alan Simpson and his destructive lies about Social Security.

Some media putz believes lying hypocrites have a right to privacy to protect their lies. Does this explain the media’s problem?

The Gulf Disaster, a post-mortem: Everyone shares the blame, more or less.

The Big Media want a monopoly on facts they reports. Not exclusives, facts.

Why are things the way they are? ‘Cause these are the Dark Ages redux. And we’re doomed, thanks in part to an Obama Fail.

Obama Fail: I believe that that the May 2010 home sales were the worst ever is not a good sign.

Obama Fail: Afghanistan. (Instant equal time: NOt that the modern Republicans, who jumped into the quagmire, would do a scintilla better.)

Is paying any heed to Greta Van Susteren proof of being a retard?

If only…:

Truths about the spill and more truths. For those who care about facts….

The return of compassionate conservatism. But this time, it’s real. For BP.

Asshole: Retarded Sharron Angle.

Welcome to the United National Security State of America.

Obama Fail: Thieves exempted from proposed consumer protection agency. Of course, usury remains legal, so….

Big Media Fail: CBS’ Afghanistan correspondent is pregnant. Solution: Don’t replace her, just cover the war less. That’s how news priorities are determined in the modern era.

What a surprise: Most of the Big Media are failing in their coverage of the BP Gulf spill. And I only thought they got bored….

If “lawsuit fears” lead to “overtesting”, might it also lead to saved lives?

Assholes: Verizon. Personally, can’t recall a problem with VerizonWireless in the years Iwas with them but that was then and lately, the company seems to have turned utterly vile.

To me, this is cool.

Thank God Google and other companies don’t abuse people like this (well, maybe Google’s Android is worse) — or bother to give you an opportunity to opt out to a degree from the privacy invasion that’s now endemic to our corparatist culture.

Po-mo self-referential week at the Doonesbury?

God bless the prefection of the rule of the unpoliced free market:

All I can say, she’s her father’s daughter — ain’t nothing she won’t do to publicize her modest talent:

Geek rock:


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