Anyone Know How We the People Got Here?

Maybe we’re just crabby because things suck so bad and instead of getting fixed, we keep electing leaders who benefit personally by letting things get worse so nothing gets fixed?

Rational arguments don’t usually work on religious people. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be religious people. — Doris Egan

Asshole: Rep. Joe Barton (R.-Tx.), for fellating BP. (You know, I really can’t think of a recent example of significant, beneficial leadership.) Instant correction: Add all the Republicans as this is not the ravings of a single retard but the entire party. (See this too.) Those $20B? Essentially a wrist slap. And let me put my personal spin on the disaster: I don’t believe it’s so much an earth-shattering disaster from which neither the planet nor, for that matter, BP will recover as it is a great disaster resulting from the corruption endemic in society: that corruption is the only reason it happened.

The Pixar sequel I really want to see. Not.

Assholes: Every rightist economist and everyone else who pushes this blatantly dishonest and utterly, provably wrong false solution for the Global Economic Meltdown. It’s provably and completely wrong. There is absolutely no acceptable reason for pushing it. None. And it thereby exacerbates a situation that needs no exacerbation.

The Global Economic Meltdown: Practically speaking, no stopping another “dip”. And here’s more bad news: It’s 1937 again and all that pulled us out of that disaster was World War II — and our current wars are actually worsening the problem….

And it’s sad that someone so wrong and, historically, will probably be seen as a great failure (wen mainstream history returns to based on facts) gets so much free, uncritical publicity. Then there’s this corrective…. Asshole: Alan Greenspan. But really, what would expect from an Objectivist — using government power to prevent abuses of the Free Market??

If the orthodox free marketers are so against government intervention in the markets, why do they accept bailouts? Doesn’t that actually justify the government role and prove them wrong? Why not just let the market punish them for their market failures?

Okay, let’s say the housing implosion occurred because of too many loans to people of amounts based on assessing a home for $X when it was worth $1/2X and the borrower could afford to pay on only $1/4X? And let’s accept the pigs’ inane defense that the government (under the destructive mismanagement of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration) somehow compelled them to lend to otherwise unqualified borrowers. My question: did the government compel them to lend to the unqualified in such an improper manner? Oh wait, the larger the loan, the larger their fee…?

Damn, Afghanistan isn’t just an endless quagmire (our leaders forgetting one of the key lessons of Vietnam — don’t stay fighting where you’re not wanted) but and ever-growing Fail. (Wonder whether it’s just a matter of our puppet not being our puppet but the RNC’s puppet, willing to work against his country for the good of the Republicans who put him in power?)

Query: How bad could worse than Obama be come 2012? Would no stimulus be worse than the failure we got? Did the reform-free healthcare reform bill accomplish enough to be worth, among other shortcomings, taking real reform off the table for God knows how long and actually empowering and enriching the source of the problem, the private health insurers?

On the other hand, this is not a good thing: Another win for the destroyers of America; Rove strikes back.

Al Franken speaks out against the Supreme Court’s war against Americawhile the media sleeps.

The Greatest Generation? Greatest for being drafted. How about the Lousiest Generations for the louses they raised on their return from conscription?

Wow, this is so stupid. I just love the classic Republican meme about people rather stay unemployed and make far, far less on welfare than they would working. The latest asshole: Rand Paul (and Dianne Feinstein seconds him):

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul on Friday urged Americans who have been unemployed for many months to consider returning to the workforce in less desirable jobs rather than continue relying on government unemployment assistance.

Can it be that the Times has discovered that maybe pols have been corrupted?

Quiz of the day: Who’s dumber? This woman or people who would elect her president:

This is disgusting — the monetizing of everything because of the worship of profit in this country, I mean.

I bite: Why can’t BP show a little contrition, accept responsibility for what they unleashed? Here’s what they’re doing instead (not counting giving marching orders to the Republicans at least.)

How America failed; a clue: The election of utter shit like this guy:

This guy is so wrong: President Palin is a historical expert at pandering to retards and self-promotion.

Asshole: Then there are the members of that branch of Christianity who believe Jesus-supported power-grabbing and attendant personal profiteering, like Rev. Floyd Flake. I dunno… there’s something about a religion that enables all sorts of immoral behavior that rubs me the wrong way but clearly that’s me. I guess there’s a need for a religion that at the end of the day is essentially amoral if not actually immoral….

Apple antitrust: Apple only controls Apple. Apple has competition up the wazoo. No one is forced to use a single Apple product or service unlike, say, P.C. makers can only offer a crappy OS — which apparently isn’t a significant antitrust violation. So time to move on now — no story here.

My God, when did Ed Norton die?


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