The Bleating of the Voiceless to the Deaf…?

Ain't this the sad truth? No crisis can get our corrupted leaders to function.

Cultures which make a public fixation of virginal maturity, of a stylized maiden’s reputation, tend to be backward superstitious cultures that impede people exercising autonomy and making responsible choices. — Adam Posen

So the Gulf disaster is even worse that we we’ve been told, thought or feared. Anyone surprised? What I’m wondering about is exactly what is expected from the government? Clearly no aspect of the system is functional. The licensing process requires what — thousands of pages? — of lies. And who would review all of it? No one with experience would take such a job. And the system is too corrupt to require a short version, yes, that can be parsed, and actually get the drillers to commit to anything sensible. And of course, deep sea drilling is clearly ahead of its time if the technology still isn’t there to stop leaks like this one. Speaking of which: Who in their straight mind would think the government has the technology the drilling profession doesn’t have? Here’s one limited solution though that the government could push: enact policies for the significant reduction of use of oil and encourage us to use less. The time for non-renewable sources of energy is now, more than ever. And what’s wrong with making BP cuts its dividend and pay to clean up its mess as best as possible? And their option is that or liquidation. Of course, I’m an Old Testament guy.

Fiscal austerity in the midst of a global recession is bullshit and here’s the proof. And what’s behind this crock of shit is still what I said it was, I’m sure.

Apparently the Times hasn’t yet heard the news: They got this one wrong.

The modern scoop: Reporting what everyone knew for years but failed to report. Memo to the Times: That is not something to boast about.

How we can make BP pay for the clean-up. And there’s an app apropos this all.

Wish I could embed this.

ACORN: Not guilty after all. What a surprise — not.

An explanation why people believe lies? I can’t think of one I believe other than President Palin’s implants and that Bristol is Trig’s birth mom (but maybe the First Dude is the father). And I believe those lies only because they’re true, dammit.

Sad but true....

Click on the image for the whole strip -- it's worth it!

Wish I could embed this….

Flash! God blasts Jesus.

Apparently, no one’s interested in the iPhone 4G — not. No one. Really. (Unlike Sprint’s 4G Evo which Sprint was interested in enough, if the market couldn’t care less, to announce crazily inflated sales. And apparently has a lot of problems and therefore kind of actually sucks.) And Nokia is still in business? Is anyone using any Nokia phones?

2012 will be a year late??

Victimized comedians. Sad, really, just not Gulf (and related government Fail) sad.

Awake and sing:


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