As Ever, the Failure of Leadership, Which We’ve Allowed and Then Embraced

There is always time for failure. — John Mortimer

A cynic is not merely one who reads bitter lessons from the past, he is one who is prematurely disappointed in the future. — Sidney J. Harris

What happens when your leaders are essentially venal liars? Our present. Today’s example is here.

What Arizona wants to do with kids of illegal immigrants isn’t just sad — it is — but inexcuseable. In Arizona’s defense, though, other than profiling people, isn’t the state precluded by federal law from doing anything much about immigrants, other than treating them like crap? Isn’t a lot, although not all, of this posturing, sound and fury?

That scumbag, Christie’s, New Jersey, loves pollution.

The failure of the press, explained?

This isn’t of any great importance but sucks and shows the depth of modern corruption in the Raygunite era where money isn’t the most important thing but the only thing….

The wingnuts may have gotten one right: Maybe the Canadians really are no better than us –read this.

How does an unemployed man raise no money, doesn’t actually campaign, and wins a Senate primary? Fraud? (Of course, we’re talking South Carolina, so sufficient stupidity amongst the voters cannot be ruled out.)

Cutting corners to increase profits isn’t per se wrong — but taking it too far is another thing, a recipe for disaster, right BP and telcos? Or food companies who want to feed kids lead.

More bad news from the Gulf Disaster — volunteers cleaning up are risking their health. And more new disasters here.

The continuing Global Economic Disaster: Why we’ll remain f***ed and more reason we’ll remain f***ed. It’s in the interest of the speculators who created the disaster to have higher rates and government cuts in order to have more money, not to help the economy but to use for yet more speculation.

As they say, the Gulf Disaster is America’s worse such — it happens elsewhere all the time but we don’t care about elsewhere:

Now Apple has maybe gone too far for me….

We do have just a little World Cup fever:


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