How Does the World Know We’re the Greatest Nation in the World? Because We Say We are. (Special Extra-Bitterness Edition)

Now this is a bed....

Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago. — Bernard Berenson

The Gulf disaster is good for the Republicans. In the fact-based world parallel to ours, the Republicans’ complicity is obvious, inarguable and undeniable. Our world, however, is different.

Oooh, look, Our Leaders are threatening BP to clean up the Gulf faster or, or, or… what? It’s the success endemic to modern Republican-style government. That God we still have a two party system where one whether in power dictates how things are done (or not) and the other party slavishly follows. This is the system that makes sure desperately needed reform is reform free. This is system where elected officials need the voters only to be elected and other than we mean nothing to them. Just like any other banana republic. Example: The Republicans’ offshore drilling policy is unloved — but won’t (and can’t) be stopped. It take leaders to do that, responsive to voters, not corporate puppets. But we only have the latter.

And let’s say BP is allowed to go out of business (but exactly what will cause that escapes me at the moment). You mean our government, as a result, will start actually enforcing regulations? That no other company will take BP’s place? That Deepwater Horizon-style rigs will disappear?

(Click on the image for legible size.)

Just in case I didn’t link to this scary piece by Paul Volcker (although now that I type Volcker, I think I did…).

Not a good thing. President Oneterma hates whistle-blowers.

Anyone else notice that Oneterma in fact is failing with Great Recession more than Hoover? Here’s some scary proof.

System of law? Not here, where the corporation is above the law in every way.

This is what makes me proud to be an American.

Atrios is dead wrong about this. Short version: Obama proves it doesn’t matter who’s president because at the end of the day, we, the people get ignored and abused. Neither party supports us, so….

What a surprise: Reporters fail again. Why do we have blogger journalism? In part because of the endemic failure of the Big Media.

Idiocy debunked — if anyone’s paying attention.

Whether heres are real or not, President Palin herself is a proven boob.

Scoop! Journalists at the New York Post discover what a piece of crap it is! Yet again, journalists learn what their audience have known for years, thereby reestablishing their importance — not.

Reminder: Things are still awful in Haiti.

The South Carolina stolen elections were allowed to occur by the failure of the state’s journalists — every one of them. A dumb, lazy, lapdog press is of absolute no social value.

Bet you didn’t see this:

I can't not post this.

This makes me sad. But it explains a lot. And makes me grateful I run Macs.

What’s next for the FTC? Investigating Ford for not using GM components? Dell for refusing to install Mac OS on their PeeCees? (Link to insensible waste of taxpayer money — okay, less of a waste than bailing out Wall Street speculators but still….)

This is over my head:

I used to live on this, but who didn’t:



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