A Running Start for the Weekend

Doctors are the same as lawyers; the only difference is that lawyers merely rob you, whereas doctors rob you and kill you too. — Anton Chekhov

A woman who knows her priorities: President Palin buys herself a pair of new ones.... (Click on the image for the story.)

The Gulf of Mexico disaster: another aspect.

And here’s the good news regarding the Deepwater Horizon disaster: dozens of birds are getting cleaned for free. I ask: Is this some sort of joke? Or an insult? Or just WTF? Or just Business Week proving that it’s just another irrelevant magazine? Is this too a joke: The oil can be wiped up with special cloth.

Obama’s Great Gulf Fail. What America didn’t quite need after the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration: a glib mouth with no balls.

WTF?? “Officials from the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice are considering an antitrust investigation over Apple’s policies that limit some mobile ad firms from collecting user and device information from iPhones and iPads.” (Link.) It’s a crime to keep private information from being taken without the owner’s knowledge and consent?? Still think this is still the America of the history books? (And the Big Media did cover this adequately, yes, so this is old news to you, Reader?)

Republicans to homeowners struggling because of the speculation of the GOP base: Fuck you!

Man bites dog: China outsources jobs?

The world's oldest shoe. So modern looking.... (Click on the image for the story.)

In defense of Helen Thomas. Me, I think what she said was completely inappropriate for a reporter but the Big Media journos really are such petty little cockaroaches….

This is utter and complete horseshit. Debt is not something to worry about — unless it’s drummed into you that it is by people with an agenda that’s actually adverse to you.

Google evil: Sad that Apple isn’t allowing AdMob to steal for its own profit your private data. I know it’s a different era and all but to give your private data unknowingly to a company for its own profit…? That’s a good thing?? I mean, the data Google’s AdMob just takes is far worse than this.

Greed has really screwed up copyright law….

How to pack for jail.

In case there was any possible doubt that this vile Snooki wasn’t an absolute and complete retard….

Good news: someone actually accomplishing something good….

Tourists in NYC do nothing for me except to get in my way:

Adobe photo shop.

Digitize these, you young punks:

My gateway drug to the Stones — not a bad track on the album (little did I know they had done even better):

How blue my valley... on Mars!

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