Special for Today: Substance-Enhanced Post

The girl who swears no one has ever made love to her has a right to swear. — Sophia Loren

Talent develops in tranquillity, character in the full current of human life. — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Whoever does not love his work cannot hope that it will please others. — Anonymous

ScarJo (other than any cheating on her husband) is a vast improvement over that cracker trash, Jesse James.

Holy Josef Mengele and the Nazi medical establishment! How the Republicans restore pride in America: Not just by embracing torture but by experimenting on detainees. I’m sure the Freepers and other retards are happy…. (Report is here.)

Gee, it seems like Big Finance — Wall Street — wants a W-shaped Great Recession — great way to ensure repayment on sovereign debt that should never have been made as well as snap up assets on the cheap and maybe even watch some competition die? (More here.) Interesting about Big Finance’s whores: They believe gratuitous tax cuts increase tax receipts but a growing economy doesn’t….

And why are we getting a W-shaped recession? ‘Cause Our Leaders are failing us for… u, no good reason….

The foreign press tells us the truth about jobs that our press can’t and/or won’t.

Toldja! The Terrorists won. Really, our oppression and the death of freedom isn’t only a by-product of America becoming a corporatist state but also a state of 24/7 fear.

Obama clearly saw the Bullock-ScarJo kiss ’cause he’s now all “Drill, Baby, drill!”

Asshole: Elton John, singing for Rush Limbaugh. Never liked his music to speak of, but the move to Georgia was a bad sign. And there is no justification for taking this gig….

Retarded asshole: Bill McCollum.

Asshole: Bernie Madoff. No, he’s a much bigger asshole than we thought — or just trying to impress the dumb fucks he’s going to spend the rest of his life — may it be biblically long — with.

Time travel exists: Cuba is still in the mid-20th century.

BP tells you -- BP knows: They're not responsible for spills; you are.

Good news! The BP Gulf oil spill is only somewhat bigger than Connecticut.

Fiscal mismanagement: Our Leaders clearly hate us.

So, Forbes thinks the corruption of the Minerals Management Service, which corruption enabled the Deepwater Horizon disaster, is a good thing. The confession is here.

The greatness of Newsweek, another Big Media outlet that won’t be missed since it’s of no value to anyone….

Thank God, Americans still have at least one right: The Right to be Stupid.

Deepwater Horizon: Scratch another possible solution. And look! Another aspect to the disaster. And here’s the view from the burning rig, so to speak.

The continuing Fail that is Afghanistan — where the good news never stops starts.

Yet more bad news from the Global Economic Meltdown.

In an Age of the Triumph of the Stupid, why expect intelligence from economists as opposed to selfish pandering?

I guess the revolt is over?

Obama’s latest Fail.

Hey, Jobs, here’s another reason Flash sucks: it’s a recurrent security risk. And in praise of HTML5, if you have the right browser…:( Of course, a crappy plug in that causes crash is vastly superior to the features and stability of HTML5.

Spider-Man is for real and here's the proof!

I run the following gratuitously; I suspect she was fired with cause — and even more likely is that she’s just a self-promoting jerk:

What have they done to Snoopy??


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