Wherein I Out Myself; Yes, it’s True, I am Bitter (See Below and Guess Why)

Now this is an appropriate logo. Use the Google or the Bing to find out why....
Click on the image for the full story of "Understanding the Crash".
I like this 🙂

Faith is a cop-out. If the only way you can accept an assertion is by faith, then you are conceding that it can’t be taken on its own merits. — Dan Barker

Frightening: Paul Volcker on the other shoe about to drop in the Global Economic Meltdown?

This is me. This is me too. Welcome to my world….

Actually, the dirty little Big Media-hidden secret about the sticky unemployment rate is this: Job growth in this country has barely kept up population growth — often lower — for about a decade now. So when there’s a spike in unemployment — say, from a Global Economic Meltdown — you need a major spike in job growth that… well, actually, it’s never going to happen. Unemployment will be brought down only to the extent that long term unemployed will no longer be counted in “the unemployment rate”. Job growth will never be high enough to accomplish anything. (Another clue here.)

Asshole: Warren Buffett. Of course, investing in Goldman Sachs should have been a clue. After all those years of investing in companies that make or provide stuff, he essentially refinanced something little more productive than a criminal enterprise….

Say what you want about blog journalism. The problem is that old mainstream press is often no better — like this. It ain’t the medium so much as the messengers. P.S.: the loss of employment in the field of anyone this dumb and lazy or, for that matter, if he was put up to it by an editor, then the editor, would be no significant loss.

On the other hand, I don’t believe in civil marriages — it’s so strictly a religion thing. How can you be civilly married other than a ceremony declaring you a domestic partnership? Therefore, orientation should be irrelevant — it’s a couple who are “given” certain legally mandated responsibilities and benefits.

Assholes: CNN. Another “journalism” outlet that, if they disappeared tomorrow, would provide an insignificant loss of a source of knowledge. (Work on that; I’m waiting for the caffeine to start working.)

One great solution for the foreclosure crisis.

The majority of the electorate are against living in a corporatist state — then keeps electing the corporations candidates.

A clue to the depth of corruption amongst “our leadership”.

Obit: Just about the last producer of old-time radio drama.

Mainstream media mainstreams racism in their broadcasts:

A great cover of a great song (lyrics by Brooklyn’s Doc Pomus!) by a great band:


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