What a Sad Day for this Nation

If you still think this is the same America you learned about in your history classes, yo’re dead wrong.

Mr. Thompkins then remained almost entirely silent in the face of three hours of interrogation, though he did say that his chair was hard and that he did not want a peppermint.

After two hours and 45 minutes of questioning, Mr. Thompkins said yes in response to each of three questions: “Do you believe in God?” “Do you pray to God?” And, crucially, “Do you pray to God to forgive you for shooting that boy down?” (Link.)

Five pieces of garbage on the U.S. Supreme Court — five vile men — have made obscene crap like this legal. Just like they voided the 2000 election for no better reason to appoint theirAmerica-hating piece of garbage president.

(Short version: This case is in fact exactly the reason Miranda rights are needed and required. It takes five partisan “conservative” to come up with this decision.)

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