Day: May 30, 2010

Every Day is Memorial Day — to Remember the America Destroyed by Modern Conservatives

Doubt the heading? Read this then decide whether I’m right….

Bring them home from both of the lousy, pointless wars than can’t be “won” now. And if POWs were left in Nam, thank Nixon and Kissinger.

Click on the image for loads more of what BP and Big Oil's corruption have brought us.

More love for the troops here.

More of the Fail that Never Ends: Deepwater Horizon — probably more bad news than you even need to know here. And one plan here — it won’t work, but it’s a likely future. Of course, there’s now a limit to what anyone can do to clean up the mess, but it’s clear what, in an uncorrupted world, our leaders should do: Police the fuckers to prevent another D.H. — that is one, that occurs through ineptitude and deliberate irresponsibility — and making it absolutely clear how it happened, who’s at fault and who allowed it to happen. Read this and get sick. And a little (possible) perspective is here.

Asshole: Roy Ashburn. First tip for the ex-hater: Fighting for gay rights is far less important than fighting against the haters who supported you and get them out of power.

Asshole: Diana Ravitch eats shit, admits she was wrong — now that it’s too late and she did her harm.

Gretchen Morgenson’s obit for the Fail that is the reform-free finance reform bill. (Yes, it’s free of reform.) And to the think the structure for reform is already pretty much in place…. Of course, it’s the TSA syndrome: create an agency that will do nothing except suck up money and claim that it’s clearly the solution…. More of the same here.

Query: Is this dumbest story the mainstream media are obsessing over at the moment? (Answer: Yes.) I’d say far more important would be to get behind the obsessing. But I would say that….

Yes, the newsweeklies: What good are they?

Of course this is atypical, to say the least,  but the psycho’s beliefs? Not so atypical, I fear….

Enough with the jokes and the gossip industry’s manic hype: Gary Coleman, in perspective.

Now we should be satisfied; Vatican “prosecutor” of abusive priests say they’re going hell, worse than death penalty. How about starting by finding the molesters and getting them locked away? Might that be possible. Amazing how the Church goes all amoral as soon as they’re seen doing anything wrong….

It’s cute how the WinPress apologists keep making believe that once you disregard the Windows and de facto Office monopolies, Micro$oft is still a cutting edge tech company. (Hint: once you’re past the lucrative criminal enterprise, you’re left with a classic conservative operation that copies others without doing a single thing better than anyone else.)

A life-saving near-success of the Carter administration destroyed by the Reaganites. Click on the image for the story behind the car and get ready to cry.

Watch that part with the falling skier: No CGI, no blue screen, just a guy falling — and the theme’s the only Carly Simon song that doesn’t make you want to kill yourself:

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