Day: May 29, 2010

Here, Every Day is Memorial Day — Remembering the America that was, the America of the Founding Fathers

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. — Dr. Seuss

When in doubt tell the truth. — Mark Twain

Go to Heaven for the climate, Hell for the company. — Mark Twain

Ain't this lovely? Ah, mental cases like the idiots who did this are far likelier to kill themselves first before anyone follows their sick command....

The Deepwater Horizon disaster: The product of business as usual — and here’s the routine, the plan for disaster.

The lies the teabaggers believe.

News for Big Media elite journos and those people who unfortunately rely on them: The Republicans are a true minority party, losing supporters. I should add that by Republicans, we include teabaggers.

Another elite journalist obsessing over a non-story because it’s a lot easier than actually reporting something competently.

My wife, for one, is starting to comprehend how corrupt society has become. Of course, it was the death of a thousand nicks — you’re not quite aware about how bad the situation is til far too late….

Corrupt: Money for pointless wars, the unemployed, long term and otherwise, told to drop dead.

Corrupt: My beloved Matt Taibbi explains how reform got stripped out of the pending “Wall Street” reform bill.

Corrupted: The Big Media elite journos get it wrong again. Incompetent? Corrupt? Either way, a complete disgrace. And here’s another piece of awful reportage from the elite.

Asshole: Nikki Haley. Of course, she’s running for governor of South Carolina so only the worst is required expected in order to maintain Mark Sanford’s standards….

Teacher of the year in Georgia is a contradiction in terms, isn’t it? I mean, what’s it mean — least mediocre, least incompetent? Or does it mean having an affair with a student?

This, too, is sad. Despite everything against him, I think there was there that he could have made something of himself if he chose to instead of being merely fodder for the gossip press.


And this is so sad….

Apparently, if they had one, Verizon Wireless does NOT want to sell me an iPhone, they’d rather be gouging thieves that screw customers. I’ll stick with a slightly inferior but less abusive network, thanks.

Genius, explained?

Genius, or the work of people with way too much free time?

One way to clean up BP’s Deepwater Horizon disaster cheap — if you can believe it.