Short and Simple, Full of Reason to Despair….

Look what I designed! Click on the image and maybe you can figure out how to buy one for yourself or your special someone!

When you’re ready to give up the struggle, who can you surrender to? — /.

For adult education nothing beats children. — /.

GOP=STH. Just saying. Keeping things simple.

Krugman despairs (before a month of travel and vacation). As well he should, given our corrupt leadership of which, I suppose, the BP Gulf disaster and Obama’s healthcare reform-free reform.

(More here. And look: It’s now thought there were signs of trouble that were overlooked — amazing what corruption can accomplish)

A man Sarah Palin loves speaks:

(Instant update: The people failed President Palin and the retard lost.)

And here are President Palin’s hypocritical, unfaithful lovers, criticizing her even as they’d be happy with her as leader.

Media Fails: WSJ can’t and then refuses to get it right.

Asshole: Bobby Jindal. I suppose he’s politically obligated to dis the Dem administration for allegedly failing to do something or other about BP’s great disaster — but why can’t he just take credit for the success of the Republicans in so weakening and corrupting government so the Deepwater Horizon disaster could happen? You’re far too modest, Sir!

How Deepwater Horizon was allowed to happen. How BP ensured the Deepwater Horizon disaster could occur. Before it happened, the Big Medial elite assured us it couldn’t happen. And it will be the gift that keeps on giving, a reminder of the success of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration and the Ronnie Raygun American Counter-Revolution. Meanwhile, things get even worse.

If this is the per capita loss we sustained in the 2008 Global Economic Meltdown which the free, Objectivist market wrought, how is the market doing making up the loss? Wall Street’s made it back, but what about us per capitas?

Reminder: Android is still a piece of over-hyped crap. And that Google is in fact the new Micro$oft: Can’t do anything right or profitable outside their monopoly.


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