Another Victory for the Retards, Another Sad Day for America [Special Frivolity-Free Post!]

Actually, I’m in a reasonably good mood… it’s just that that the news is so depressingly disgusting. I guess  the collapse of civilization always is kind of depressing to live through….

So we have Earth Day followed by the growth of the environmental industry as it were — and we still get Deepwater Horizon and it’s fallout. Looks like a historic, huge, big-time Fail….

The Secret Origin of Deepwater Horizon. (I sort of kid: it’s all about the utter corruption.)

Another victory for the retards, another sad day for America. This crap has nothing to do with knowledge and the truth, it has only to do with partisan crap and whoring for the country’s true special interests.

You know, you read stuff like this and you think maybe the corporate interests really want to kill us (albeit slowly).

A psychotic killer who thinks he’s some sort of fighter for freedom.

Should this give us hope?

Actually, I have a hope for 2012: Both Palin and Paul the Younger running for the GOP nomination. Maybe followed by the loser going for a teabagger third party run.

I guess freedom of the press is dead….

This why Android is so awesome: People who know enough about smartphone OSes want it to be as difficult as possible to update their phone’s OS (assuming they actually know whether the phone can be updated).


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