Are These Shameful Times or What?

Apparently another all is facing a major crisis and I’m kind of outside the loop on it — as is our own beloved Big Media:

I disagree with Professor Krugman here a wee bit. He says a recent IMF report says us in the West are all permanently poorer due to the financial crisis. I would just add that in addition the only ones doing better are the destructive speculators of Big Finance are, I have no doubt, are dodging taxes more than ever — like Greece, those who can’t pay taxes, don’t, and those who can easily refuse.

Fox News is far worse than you know. It’s this awful and hateful, maybe worse.

Traitor and disgrace to our nation.

Uber-asshole: Anti-Semitic, anti-American scumbag Pat Buchanan. Shouldn’t he be dead by now? Shouldn’t he?

The failure of Our Leaders: How Deepwater Horizon was allowed to happen. And is BP setting up another disaster?

Asshole: Haley Barbour (as well as all the other apologists and nay-sayers of Deepwater Horizon).

More Deepwater Horizon bullshit. Now: Kidnapping victims of the rig explosionno joke. Personally, I’m not so sure this is such a great crisis in the greater scheme of things. Then again, there’s this for a little perspective, making me think maybe I’m a little too sanguine.

My guarantee: If the modern Republican party were to disappear tomorrow, the loss would be insignificant if not actually quite beneficial.

That piece of right-wing crap, the Reagan-wannabe Schwarzenegger, sure saved California, didn’t he? Not. Of course, they’re all talkers, know-nothings, not doers, unless you count whoring for America’s true enemies.

Our world in a nutshell:

We live in a world where we are being protected from carrying drinking water onto an airplane, but not from having a geyser of oil shooting up out of the bottom of the ocean. — Not Atrios

More on the sliminess, suminess that is Arizona.

Those of you bought that line of crap that TARP was to do anything other than be a windfall for Wall Street and, you know, end up doing any good, here’s your reality-check.

Assholes: Florida for paying $120,00.00 to a gay-basher closet case.

Assholes: Texas, because they want us to be dumber than a cow chip.

Latest proof the Republicans are anti-knowledge. Of course.

Another sick fuck wingnut.

We need “journalists” like these. Not:

Dunno whether I posted this, maybe the best accurate write-up of the utter crappiness of Android, but since I printing out the article for may daughter, you get it too. And even Google’s making it harder to buy the piece of crap.

Okay, the world isn’t completely awful; once, there was this:

I love this show and love this scene. The show is so cool that they’re secure enough to do a fake series finale instead of some kind of season finale. And it starts here:


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