Day: May 14, 2010

As Always, For Your Information and Viewing Pleasure

Scumbags: The legal criminal enterprise known as Chase Bank tells homeowners trying to modify their mortgages to go fuck themselves.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster, like, naked:

Recycling, Big Oil-style!

Is Deepwater Horizon the last great triumph of the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration, or just more proof that our government has been absolutely corrupted? (Link.) BP, their great Gulf fail and how their friends help them, all here.

Republican idiocy retardation.

Asshole, dope and idiot and wretched source of information:

Shad Olson says he’ll become a political consultant and radio show host. KOTA removed him from the anchor chair three weeks ago after he appeared as a featured speaker at a tea party rally. (Link.)

Serial asshole: President John Sidney McCain III:

(Read here more about the viddie. Anyone who could vote for shit like this deserves shit like this. The rest of the nation, I don’t know….)

I could care less what Elena Kagan’s orientation is — I care a lot more what kind of judge she’ll be — but this nearly makes me laugh. (I wanted Eliot Spitzer say that she’s straight, just no Ashley Dupre….)

Ahh, now I know why gentrified, homogenized, sterilized New York City isn’t called Fun City anymore: Because Mayor Bloomberg has them practicing racial profiling.

The false confidence of the retarded. This is something I’ve noticed, how certain and close-minded the dumb are. They know nothing yet know that they know it all.

The Times fails again.

Discovered: A use for Twitter.

Man tortured into confessing a murder; ten years later, the dead guy appears. Next? (I’m amazed it didn’t happen in Texas.) (Link.)

Corrected: That anti-net neutrality plan of the Telcos, noted the other day? Fake. So the blogosphere fucks up like the Big Media. Our track record is still better and we’re somewhat less corrupt.

Why were in Vietnam? So they could make my awesome, lovely, cheap trenchcoat. For Maggie Q. So they all could leak the (alleged) next generation iPhone:

A star is born:

D. Clowes is a genius. Okay??

Lewis Black: “Glenn Beck Has Nazi Tourette’s” (VIDEO)

“Glenn Beck’s antics have always proved to be great fodder for the “Daily Show.” Lewis Black took it a step further with an entire segment mocking the Fox News host for his tendency to make everything Nazi-related.”Well, yes, Beck is a retard, as they all are, offensively so. So this is not so much news as just funny.

Vodpod videos no longer available.