Day: May 12, 2010

Read this and Learn Whether Too Much isn’t Enough!

Life isn’t worth living, unless it is lived for someone else. — Albert Einstein

Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity. — Buddha

Better hope you get what you want before you stop wanting it. — /.

‘Nuff said:

For years, the Minerals Management Service, the arm of the Interior Department that oversees drilling in the gulf, minimized the environmental risks of drilling. It failed to require a backup shutdown system that is standard in much of the rest of the world, even though its own staff declared such a system necessary. It exempted many offshore drillers from the requirement that they file plans to deal with major oil spills. And it specifically allowed BP to drill Deepwater Horizon without a detailed environmental analysis. (Link.)

How Tricky Dick Nixon and all his successors have failed us on energy independence. One must say that surely was involuntary to the extent that they were just following orders from Big Oil who, of course, are essentionally foreign oil and against renewable sources. Real leaders would’ve led, not whored to our detriment but there you go.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster almost happened weeks earlier….

Frank Rich gives an overview of just how awful Big Media journalism is (Times incredibly excepted) here. He leads, though, a whine from Sean Hannity about Obama joking at the White House Correspondents Dinner while Times Square is about be destroyed a terrorist act. Hannity’s imbecilic remark, of course, parrots liberals’ bitching about Bushie’s great fail on 9/11. Just two minor differences for any retards reading. First, the issue on 9/11 wasn’t just a possible failure or delay in acting but letting happen whilst failing to inform the alleged President of the United States of America. Second, there are questions what exactly was done in response to 9/11 let alone responding to reports leading up to it. In the case of the Times Square not-bombing, the whole thing didn’t happen because there was action. I know these distinctions are tough for the retards to comprehend because they’re blinded by the fact that one event occurred on the watch of a Democrat president, the other an infallible Republican.

CNN’s latest success at destroying the brand is here. Again, what’s really the need for Big Media journalism anymore? Sometimes, being attacked from all sides isn’t proof of inherent fairness or objectivity but just that the person is such a piece of crap.

Assholes: The freedom-hating, net neutraity-fighting Telcos. And Amazon spies on your Kindle, your information on your Kindle is seen by Amazon??

Asshole: Eric Holder and his hatred of freedom. And where’s that weeny louse, Obama?

Scientology (little more than alleged) star author Neil Gaiman: Greedy asshole or not?

Assholes no more: Roy Lichtenstein’s estate backs down from copyright piggery.

Assholes: The entire commonwealth of Virginia. I blame the entire state for the disgusting idiocy and gratuitous hatred of their leaders.

Scumbag: John Cornyn. Yeah, yeah, I know they’re all lying, dishonest panderers.

Assholes: Newsweek (not that anyone really reads it anymore*): gratuitously homophobic. (*Proof of the complete bankruptcy of the Big Media is NBC’s hiring of Newsweek’s top editor to head their DC bureau. A clear sign that reporting is irrelevant in DC, only fellatio is.)

My neighbor, Alan Abelson, notes:

What nonsense, Bill exclaims. For openers, he asks disbelievingly, “How can a $1 billion sell program collapse the stock market?” But “more importantly,” he continues, “what order entry system uses ‘b’ to designate billion and ‘m’ to designate million?” And he promptly answers his own rhetorical question with an unequivocal “None!”

Bill also points out that if an error had occurred, it would be known quickly and would take only minutes to finger the culprit. However, he explains, it’s better for Wall Street and regulators to blame a hapless trader for what happened last Thursday “than address the nefariousness of high-frequency trading, direct-exchange-connected computers” and the like.

And how come, he wonders, all computer-trading errors somehow occur on the downside? (Link (you may need Google News to bust through Rupert’s paywall).)

This is sad, to me: The FBI is going to destroy the Unabomber’s writings….

Alaskans know President Palin and hate her. So only 49 states will put her in office in 2012.

Be very careful shopping at this CVS, or risk getting killed by the staff.

Actress Anne Hathaway’s turn-on: Thieves.

A picture's worth a thousand words.... (Click on the image to really see it!)
Click on the image for an obit. An incredible talent, a sad end....

But if it was a slip, what did she mean to say:

Keep this from the terrorists: