Day: May 9, 2010

THE LAST POST(?); And a Summing Up

I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. — Pablo Picasso

It’s like they eat their young: Modern conservatives attack their old-time conservatives. Why can’t we just admit that the corporatists have successfully completely corrupted our leaders of both parties and we now live in a post-democracy where all that “Of the People” stuff is just irrelevant history?

And see? Obama’s really no better than the other party. He hates freedom and law too.

Big Media fails us againthis time the Washington Post — so why shouldn’t we fail them? To keep inept reporters employed? They’re clearly not interested in being reporters otherwise they wouldn’t crank out so much dishonest crap. To spend money to be kept ignorant? Ignorance can be had for free. The dementia of a small town paper can be seen here. Simply, who needs a corrupt media? And here’s the quality of average journalism, in this case from Reuters: inept.


The 15 Wall Street employees—20- and 30-something bankers, traders, and former Goldman employees—whom NEWSWEEK interviewed for this piece say they admire the way Tourre foresaw the collapse in the housing market and structured a lucrative deal for his client, hedge-fund impresario John Paulson. Goldman Sachs refused to comment or to pass along Tourre’s contact information. “Everyone thinks he has a bit of swagger,” says former investment banker and Columbia Business School professor David Beim. “Everyone is cheering for him.” (Link.)

Alexander Cockburn with almost all you need to know about the oil spill: it happens and it’s allowed to happen as disastrously as possible.

Our saviors:

Good news: The gumint just put Hollywood in charge of allowing what you watch. A little more freedom lost….

(More about the docu here.)

Obit: The American experiment in democracy. Not at all a joke.

Remember her; someone who actually did a little real good.

Xeni says it for me:

Gen. David Petraeus, the man who oversees America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, told the Associated Press today he believes the Times Square bombing suspect operated as a “lone wolf” and did not work with other terrorists or terrorist organizations. If that’s true, an entire week’s worth of “terrorism experts” on TV were totally full of shit. Oh wait, that’s business as usual.

Bedbugs on the east side? (Stones; “Shattered”.)

Cannot sign off for the nonce without directing the readers to this piece of Christian crap.


Cory Doctorow: Big Content’s Depraved Indifference

There is nothing that can be added to this, it (sadly) says it all. Read it and weep.

Something I think gets lost in the debate over DRM: Big Content doesn’t want DRM because they want to usher in an era of totalitarian control technologies; they don’t want copyright filters because they want to make the censor’s job easier; they don’t want increased intermediary liability because they want to extinguish easy personal expression and collective action.

They want these things because they want to make more money.

But they are indifferent to the point of depravity to the totalitarian, censorious and restrictive consequences of DRM, filters and liability.

They aren’t moustache-twirling supervillains. They’re greedy, blinkered provincials and hypercompetitive macho bullies who are unwilling to look past the short-term benefits to the consequences. They think only of how things will work, not how they’ll fail.

When we (we — I do this too, all the time) focus on the consequences to culture and creativity, we allow this debate to be defined in terms of who gets to remix what, or whether you’ll have to start paying for the ongoing use of your cultural goods. These are important issues.

But they’re a distant second to a rearchitecting of our law and technology to create the preconditions for repression, corruption and suppression of dissent.

That’s the real fight: are we shaping a world where our children will be able to come together effortlessly to improve their lots and the lots of their neighbors; where they’ll be able to fight corruption and hold their leaders to account; where they’ll be able to participate and help others to participate?

Or will we allow a small gang of selfish and short-sighted entertainment companies to fatally compromise the infrastructure of the 21st century to add a few points to its bottom line? (Link.)