Hotter than an Exploding Oil Well Fire….

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared. — Buddha

Lie, n.: A very poor substitute for the truth, but the only one discovered to date. — /.

Actions lie louder than words. — Carolyn Wells

Conformity is the refuge of the unimaginative. — /.

There they go again; The Times fails again to, you know, figure out a source’s bona fides and just, you know, runs his self-serving lies brainlessly instead. (Link.)

The Lower Merion School District’s lies-drenched whitewash is here.

Confirmed: The U.S. Senate; Bought and paid for.

The elite journos imbecilely runs the wingnuts revision of Beloved Leader’s most excellent and competent handling of Katrina. I suppose the Big Media will implode from ineptitude and irrelevance before the again can become of any value to society.

The Atlantic runs a piece on file sharing that gets it just about completely wrong.

The longish version, for them who need chapter and verse, of how the Big Media journos fail us.

Talk about piracy, here’s piracy: Roy Lichtenstein famously ripped off copyrighted images in his early years. Now his estate wants to copyright the ripped off images.

Deepwater Horizon? BP (another scumbag operation) already paid for the right to spill oil — by buying off the pols. The crazy rightists (I repeat myself of course) have their theories (here too) about why it happened. Of course, truth (oversimplified) is that shit happens, and pigs never prepare. They have to be made to prepared but that takes policing and, again, the cops were paid to look away….

Confirmed: This is the twilight of civilization, wrought by the triumph of Objectivism, the philosophy of barbarians…?

Look! The latest reason to hate JPMorgan Chase. Of course, I suppose lying and thievery generally go hand in hand. A true scumbaggy operation….

If Apple is guilty of antitrust by controlling the apps they allow sold on an iPhone, does that mean that GM is guilty of antitrust for using contractors providing materials and equipment to GM spec instead of someone else’s? And this is awful: Why pay $200 for a crappy Android phone when you can get an iPhone — do more easier — for $100? And as Freedom is repulsed all over the place, developers have come up with some delusional right to develop.

Robert Reich is confused and I’m confused with him: Why go after Apple on non-existent antitrust grounds but not the manipulating thieves of Big Finance which, you know, tanked the global economy.

Is this blog now considered offensive for having run an image of this God-awful warning sign?

The Kent State Massacre remembered.

Talk about a Trojan Horse…. I was wondering a little bit about that 1,000-odd drop in the Dow Thursday being attributed to Greece’s implosion, which was actually (I thought) under some control. I further assumed Wall Street wouldn’t give a shit about Greek demos, even if a few got killed. Well, maybe it wasn’t Greece after all but just a trader who screwed up an order.

Texas may well have a history of history textbooks full of lies.

Ah, the good old days…. From the Wayback Machine:

If you are interested in public service and you can measure up to journalism’s obligations and standards, there’s a job on a newspaper for you. (Link.)

How to see better?

Two great very short movies are here.

Fresh idiocy from President Palin: Foreign companies are responsible for the Gulf oil spill, not a failure by the Cheney/Rove/Bush administration to regulate and police.

Another dump heard from: Electoral fraud in “democratic” Albania.

UNESCO: Shameful.

I kid you not: TSA micro-penis violence.


MetroCard art!

I wonder: If New York City is awesome now with mass gentrification, the malling of Columbus Avenue, the Disnefication of 42nd Street — why isn’t it called Fun City anymore?


More awesome.

Much as I hate giving a free plug, I sooo agree with the sentiments on the T. (Click on the image to read the fine print.)

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