Day: May 6, 2010

Two Thoughts

I have what I consider just an awesome name for my autobiography or autobiographical essay or iPad app or whatever. The idea behind whatever it will end up being is that it will be some sort of summing up — however much it can be a complete summing up since, if done, it would be written long before I’m on my deathbed. (I expect to go really fast and sudden or slow in a vegetative state anyway.) the most important part would be explaining how I got to be how I got to be and, unless there’s a big, unanticipated change in the future, how it was all quite inevitable.

What I like about the title is that it had that Europen literary vibe and at least one really great cover design could come from it.


Here’s the title, in all its glory:


And for section or chapter dividers, this:

Blah, blah, blah….

My second thought:

If anxiety is psychic stubble, the razorblade is vodka.