A Return to Normalcy (Here at this Blog, I Mean; the World, Forget About it)

(Click for the story of 18th century Brother Cool.)

Listen to \”By the Time I Get to Arizona\” while you read this post. (About the track here.)

Asshole: Republican* Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, hater of knowledge. (*Reminder: The party that fully supports impoverishment and ignorance and exists solely to do the interest of paying-special interests.)

The Louisiana oil disasterthe short version. How BP screwed over the local fishermen here. Of course, it didn’t have to happen, but preventing it would have cost money, albeit far less than it’s now going to cost. Correction: It had to happen because the special interests in Big Oil paid the pols to let this happen.

The white guy was remembering his early hippie days, and said, “You know, I think what first taught me to be afraid of the cops was smoking pot. That’s when I lost my childhood innocence about the power of the state.” The black woman looked at him, rolled her eyes, and said, “That’s because you’re white — that’s why it took you so long.” (Link.)

Asshole: President John Sidney McCain III doesn’t like it when the law is followed.

The “triumph” of the Objectivist Master: The great Fail that was Alan Greenspan at the Fed. While in theory, Objectivism makes some sense in a paralogical way (it’s never really discussed how there can be any downside or use of it to support evil), putting an Objectivist pretty much in charge of anything is a recipe for disaster. And Greenspan did his job.

Meet a couple of scumbag millionaires who get the big bucks for firing people.

Further down the toilet: Murdoch’s crapatization of the Wall Street Journal. Such schadenfreude: seeing Rupert pay too much for the paper just to turn it to worthless crap.

Read this and think. I’m not sure Stross is wrong.

Racist asshole: Chris (“Lawbreaker”) Christie. Congratulations, Jersey, you got what you deserve.

Another TSA failure….

One hopes this is the twilight of “creative” companies that seek alternative ways of making money having turned away from creative endeavors. Why get music out there when you can sue people? Is this really worth the work and energy and distraction, or just an act of desperation and intellectual bankruptcy?

Another great lie of the rightists.

Here’s why the Vatican can’t do anything about their priests going around molesting. The Vatican is busy with what they considers more important: going after principled nuns.

The Times Square near(?)-bombing: a little sanity (that will be ignored because it doesn’t help the wingnuts or their masters in the security industry).

Another triumph of the modern snitch culture, where everyone is ultimately expected to spy on each other and rat each other out. Of course, 9/11 changed everything. Unfortunately.

President Palin’s very latest knowing and deliberate lie is here. Read it while it’s fresh!

Dope: Rep. Gene Taylor (D-Miss.).

Greece got screwed by the extremely wealthy, including the Wall Streeters, but also their own. Now the nation’s going after their own.

Still another failure of proof. Illegal downloaders are in fact the “victims'” best customers as well. (Link.) I ask: How much of the stolen materials would have been bought otherwise? And what’s wrong with try before you buy? Used to work, at least for music. Again, nowadays, there’s really no legal, free opportunity to hear music before you buy and recorded music sales are in the toilet. Must be coincidence, huh? But I guess execs focused solely on the bottom line and can’t see the world beyond that can’t be expected to have either a clue or an idea….

History lesson of the day: The American victory at Kent State 1970 — literally bringing the war, or at least My Lai, home.

Disgusting, hypocritical, self-hating, destructive asshole: Professor George Alan Rekers.

Christofascist asshole: Lou Engle.

How to live in the modern era of lost jobs and destroyed wealth. (Link.)

Proof that listening to prayer does in fact make you stupid. (Consider that just a warning, not a reason not to pray if that’s your interest.)

What the Big Media newspapers need: Warning labels like cigarettes and (sadly) wine.

To me, this is interesting.

To me, this too is interesting, and something I’ve wondered about feel like that I’ve noticed.

To me, this is (old but) funny.

By Dr. Jack

Aww, ain’t this cute:


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