Day: May 1, 2010

Now with More Videoes, for the, uhh, Post-Literate

The first human who hurled an insult instead of a stone was the founder of civilization. — Sigmund Freud

There they go again: Another complete disgusting opinion from the wingnut Supreme Court. Thank you, Cheney/Rove/Bush administration for decades to come of insane, America-destroying, legally-feeble law. Mission accomplished!

Did you know this? The Big Media journos are kind of corrupt. Way too much of it is.

Look! Big Media journalistic cowardice. The truth hurts Fortune so much a factual cover gets spiked!

Big Pharma fails us, thereby endangers us by refusing to work on needed drugs. Guess there’s no need for obscene profits then….

Fair use is good for business (in the normal, good way). Not that that will slow the copyright pigs….

AT&T wants to take away your freedom.

True justice.

Traitor: The man who started America on the road to ruin.

Besides initiating the destruction of America as we knew it — a nation of freedom, a nation of the people — Ronnie Raygun was maybe also somewhat just nuts. (He was also maybe Palin-stupid.)

New Jersey may get its own version of of California’s state-destroying Proposition 13. Elect a crazy asshole governor and what you don’t get is competent leadership.

Reminder: Mississippi really is a state of retards.

Assholes: Arizona; making an awful situation even worse. Add this retarded congressman.

Another wingnut genius. Watch his brilliance here. Nothing actually funny about it, of course; they run the country after all.

Praise the Lord! Bobby Jindal now likes big government aid. Nothing like a man of principal…. The hypocritical whacko piece of crap….

A great idea; just make it life without parole to be extra cautious.

Congress sends me this personal message: Drop dead!

Gots to love dem Canadians what created this game, eh?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the essence of New York City. Click on the image for the obit of the designer of this classic.
This is the most awful thing ever invented.

The obit of an artist whose reaction, as an artist, to surviving the Holocaust is interesting: immersion in normalcy.

One of like twelve million-plus reasons I worship Xeni Jardin.

Lesson for guys: Hold back with gratuitous insults of women’s looks or this may happen to you.

To me this is a little funny.

Click on the image for a bunch of other great foods like this!
To me, this is a cool design for the Spartans Gold Club.

(About the viddie here.)

Oh, Pancho…:

God, this is sooo scary: