Anyone See Any Green Shoots Recently?

Just a few of the traitors leading our nation -- to ruin. (Why are these people smiling? Treason pays well? The lionization for destroying this nation makes them happy?) (Time for target practice, President Palin?)

The first sign of maturity is the discovery that the volume knob also turns to the left. — /.

A little perspective: Earth seen from Mars.

Going, going… (do I here a higher bid?): The Fourth Amendment — because the private sector doesn’t give a crap about us.

Freedom in retreat in Arizona where all brown-colored people are required to present full legal papers when stopped by police. “They came for the brown people and we did nothing. Then they came for the….” It’s a great day in America and President John Sidney McCain III’s leadership in his home state was awesome — clearly not the leadership of a maverick or anyone decent. And this guy may well be tripping.

Leadership this nation greatly needsThe Republicans believe there is absolutely no need for financial reform.

As noted elsewhere, all the Goldman Sachs emails show is that the company shorted housing growth. Nothing illegal, just prescient. But what they and other emails show is that you couldn’t and still can’t trust the company’s recommendations; their word is worthless.

Eliot Spitzer wants to know where the prosecutors are re Goldman Sachs. Easy: Doing what they were paid to do — keeping hands off GS!

Maybe we should have nuked the U.S.S.R. Is it too late now?

Victory in Afghanistan? If so, it’s sure to bring global peace and prosperity. (Assholes: Everyone who enabled this awful war.)

A hick, upstate New York judge does the right thing. Too infrequently, justice is done. (Background here.) A little more justice here:

Flash! Not all Muslims are Islamofascists! What’s the next shoe to drop? Not all Christians are in fact Christofascists? Or all priests Church-shielded child molesters?

The source doesn’t matter, whether it’s newspaper, TV or blog. Crap reporting from whatever source is crap. You know; it’s the message, not the medium and no, when it comes to reportage, the medium is not the message.

I am impressed by this. I think. But other than the navel-gazers in the media, I don’t think readers terribly care.

Bing fails for Micro$oft. Amazing how this great innovative company, without its two monopolies pretty much just can’t make a profit.

Maybe I would have said something about Boobquake Day but I haven’t seen any image I like.

(More about the viddie here.)

(About the viddie here.)

The greatest book ever published since I don't know when. I cannot wait to see how awesome the iPad app will be!
This may be a close second. For retards.

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