This Blog Now Returns to its Normal State, Reviewing the Greed and Stupidity and Cupidity Destroying, Like, Everything

You must click on the image to see all the reasons why Fortune rejected this cover.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. — Albert Einstein

I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones. — John Cage

No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. — Buddha

Go here and sign the petition now. Be heard. You know, a little direct action.

Of course we don’t need health insurance reform. Of course not. Wait! What’s this??

Let’s see…. The rising tide of the last, foundationless period of economic growth didn’t really raise all boats. So here’s what’s coming— and it’s ugly and Unamerican.

Us the People v. Goldman Sachs: Is this the truth about the case? If so, it looks great.

How did the SEC miss the illegal or improper acts that resulted in the Global Economic Meltdown? Apparently, their orders from their Republican bosses were to watch porn, not the financial industry.

What a surprise. I’m shocked, shocked. The rating agencies apparently didn’t objectively analyze and rate after all. Actually, it’s worse than that. I guess dishonesty’s kind of endemic in a materialistic, corrupt society, huh?

Land of the free fearful.

This is how screwed up the American people are: Spying on people is wrong, whether it’s by the public sector or private (Google).

Needed to be asked again: The Republican retards — actually stupid or just pandering? And speaking of Republican retards…. And why does this modern journo ever think these guys were ever sane?

Apparently Wall Street’s greed-maddened destroyers really are perverts. (I apologize for the use of the word. I’m open to suggestions….)

Sad: PBS has reached the point as being as crappy as the elite media….

Open note to Tiger Woods: It’s not that you’re not perfect or that you’re a serial philanderer. No one’s perfect and the latter is essentially your business. Your problem is that you made tens of millions of dollars being a lying shit, so STFU.

The iPhone was predicted to bomb hugely in Japan. And this is how it’s bombed: 72% of the smartphone market. (Had a week of a nightmare with MobileMe so I went to check out alternatives; interested mostly in an Android phone. Played with two at Verizon, a Drois and Droid Eris. If the former isn’t the most overpriced piece of crap in the business… and the Eris sucked both as a result of the OS — far less elegant and efficient than the iPhone OS, and ugly — and crappy hardware — a lazy touch screen. Fell right back in  love with my iPhone, and MM seems to be close enough to normal now….)

(More here.)

The greediest scumbags this side of Wall Street: Micro$oft. Liars. Inept “innovators” of crap. Thieves. British Airways is little better.


Query: Would this be considered bestiality or some sort of lesser abomination? For that matter, are modern Republicans descended from the resulting line?


Kneel before huge raw talent:

(The star’s obit is here.)


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