The Triumph of the Traitors and Retards

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it. — Andre Gide

If you’re constantly being mistreated, you’re cooperating with the treatment. — /.

Of all forms of caution, caution in love is perhaps the most fatal to true happiness. — Bertrand Russell

Humor is the only test of gravity, and gravity of humor; for a subject which will not bear raillery is suspicious, and a jest which will not bear serious examination is false wit. — Aristotle

If man does find the solution for world peace it will be the most revolutionary reversal of his record we have ever known. — George C. Marshall Rest easy, General; never gonna happen.

It is our earth, not yours or mine or his. We are meant to live on it, helping each other, not destroying each other. — J. Krishnamurti

Live in a world of your own, but always welcome visitors. — /.

This is completely inexcuseable. There is no excuse for it. None. Ditto, the Dems’ failure to prevent crap like it. It’s proof that our society is thoroughly corrupted. (And this is quite nearly as bad.) And speaking of inexcuseable, there is no way to honestly claim that any of these scumbags are above being policed. Idiocy.

Republican “logic”: Republican logic: If timing is partisan, charges simply cannot be true. So much for law and order — subject to bid…. And no, *this* level of corruption is not how it was always done….. So much for law and order — subject to bid…. And no, this level of corruption is not how it was always done…. There’s no principle here, just whoring at the expense of 99.9999+% of the world…. Please, folks, put this garbage back in power so they can do more harm.

What our leaders have brought us: The devastation destruction of the middle class.

As for that coming wrist-slap for Goldman Sachs, if there wasn’t already writing on the wall, this is it. The system is essentially already in place. This “reform” buzzing around Congress only complicates things, doesn’t make the existing system, you know, effective or able to do the job it can and is supposed to do. Of course, I’m sure that’s the idea, to give an illusion of reform without doing anything to affect, at the least, any of Wall Street’s freedom to engage in the most destructive, societally worthless speculation.

Interesting: Professor Krugman on financial reform and nowhere is there the word, or variant, of, corrupt.

Magazine of the day. Maybe already has ceased publication, for good reason. Read why….

It would be really cool if this happened….

A by-product of the triumph of the dumb and ignorant is that books and writings can no longer be properly editted, so you end up with this recipe — the teabaggers’ favorite?

Essential reading: The beautiful case for secular humanism.

Meet a real journalist.

Retard: The Superintendent of School of New Jersey. He has to has to know his request of the state’s retard governor is D.O.A. And then of course there’s the retards of the Lower Merion School District who gave in to some demented need to spy on students in their own homes.

I am not sure Cory’s at all right about this. I’m not sure a state doesn’t have a right to track to sales tax cheats. I’m not sure whether an out of state business is required to collect sales taxes. I strongly doubt that Amazon itself isn’t abusing (*koff*) the same peoples’ privacy.

This is one exhibit I’d really love to see. I love Shanghai!

There they go again: Another thing the Republicans were for until a Democrat proposed it (and it’s a bad idea).

Fuck FaceBook.

To me, this is a very good reason — maybe the only reason — to visit Detroit.

The kindergardeners got nukes??

There they go again: The latest Team Obama fail, this time with financial regulation (a failure of its own), as always, abetted by the hopelessly, indefensibly inept, retarded elite media.

There they go action: The Republicans: all talk, no action. In this case, other than the media elite retards, does anyone really think they’re going to do this??

Bring back analog records? Digital kills?

Hell on earth.

Professor Krugman makes a most excellent witticism.

A needed laff.

(More about the video here.)


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