Is Freedom On Its Deathbed? Where Are The Teabaggers Now? (Answer: The Ones Pulling Their Strings Are Against Freedom)

Hegel was right when he said that we learn from history that man can never learn anything from history. — George Bernard Shaw

When you are deluded and full of doubt, even a thousand books of scripture are not enough. When you have realized understanding, even one word is too much. — Fen Yang

The triumph of the America-haters.... Emma Lazarus is a'spinning in her grave....

The copyright fascists’ corrupted global pols finally acknowledge reality: They’re releasing their leaked proposed anti-ownership treaty. No longer will you own what you buy but merely will be purchasing responsibilities which can lead to criminal action and loss of freedom. (Yes, so why not steal? Crime is crime and one crime is free.) (More here, a right-on manifesto here.)

Anyone here think this’ll end up with anything other than a limp wrist slap for Goldman? How can it end up any other way?

Our kids: Already found guilty, maybe someday proven innocent? That day isn’t here yet, but soon. The latest triumph of the wingnuts. And I’m sure them freedom-loving teabaggers have no problem with this. Don’t here a peep coming out of any of them….

“Climategate”? Why, it was a complete crock of the usual Republican crap, brainlessly played big by our retarded media elite.

Asshole: The douchebag Republican governor of Virginia and the rest of his party (more here). Like all of them: shameless, disgusting. (Add: The lardy governor of Mississippi.)

From the Republicans’ favorite, most freedom-loving ally:

(About the viddie here.)

Wrong! (About never holding office again.)

Query: Maybe CNN’s ratings are dropping like flies because it’s journalism is so damn lousy and wrong? Maybe?

Oooh, damn this is awesome cool!

Once upon a time, people had manners…. Just say Thanks….

It’s like they’re all racist scumbags.

What the congressional Dems have learned: It’s good to make the Republicans self-destruct going overboard to fight the right and necessary. Can’t hurt making the party with absolutely nothing good or beneficial to offer to prove it has nothing to offer.

Good for them!? Micro$oft uses sexting to promote its Kin phones.

Another Afghan fail. It’s what happens when you go to war with neither rationale nor plan for success. Clearly, the party that committed us to this failure deserves to be returned to power.

Someone else analyzes the stupidity of the modern conservatives. Still unanswered though: Are they really so stupid or is it deliberate dishonest pandering? And why are the media elite seemingly so compelled to cover them and with such dishonesty or ineptitude? (Full disclosure: I’m fully aware of the excesses of the left and liberals but since they have only a fraction of the power and media elite lionization, it’s a far less important issue than the tyranny of the America-hating conservatives.)

Qualifications to be a Republican candidate for anything: Be a rich sick fuck like Carl Paladino. What a fucking embarrassment of a human being. Still, if New Jersey can a piece of crap inept governor like Christie, why shouldn’t New York suffer for four years of a Paladino?

Comic strip of the day (it's a fake!).
The King of Kings, indeed. Is this the Pope's favorite crucifix?

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